Gilmore Girls
The Breakup, Part 2

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Scary Nipple! Scary Nipple!

Lorelai walks over to Mustang Max's apartment. She rings the doorbell. He answers. She says hi. He's surprised. Lorelai tells him that Rory and CuteDean broke up and that Rory won't wallow and that Lorelai thinks Rory should wallow to get through the pain. She adds that Rory asked how long it took Lorelai to get over Max, and that she'd be lying if she gave Rory any time frame at all, because Lorelai's not over Max. Lorelai can't teach Rory anything about love, because she doesn't know anything. Lorelai stumbles around and eventually says that she's an idiot and a hypocrite and that she misses him. He asks her in. She goes. He shuts the door and we go to commercial. ["I scream. Glark, who's just started watching the show in the past month or so, asks, 'Who's Greasy?' Exactly." -- Wing Chun]

I'm always smoking when these anti-smoking commercials come on.

Beck's playing at the rich-kid party. Lane is amazed at the size of Fraulein's house, and asks whether that's what Emily's house looks like. Rory says it's not so castle-y, and thanks Lane for coming with her. Lane is happy about the pool table. Rory is impressed by the DJ. Fraulein, Louisa, and Paris walk up. Fraulein is happy that Rory showed up. Louisa instantly gets wet at the mouth with her stupid blonde hair and her stupid pouty red lips and asks where Rory's great boyfriend is. Rory says that CuteDean didn't come because his white horse is in the shop. "You guys didn't break up, did you?" Louisa asks with her hand practically on her cell phone. Lane saves the day by introducing herself. Fraulein says hello. Two older boys slink up behind the girls, put their arms around Fraulein and Louisa, and ask to see the poolhouse. Fraulein starts to say that they've already seen it, and Louisa has to explain that they haven't seen it this way before. Fraulein finally understands and they sex off. "Later, Paris," Louisa tarts. "No glove, no love," Paris drones. "Lovely," Louisa sluts. Paris checks her watch and says she didn't think Rory was a party girl. Rory says that she thought she'd come by and check it out. "Same people we see every day except now we get to see them dance," Paris says, and asks where CuteDean is. Rory tells her that they broke up. Paris says that at least Rory had a boyfriend for a while. Rory asks where they can find some soda. "Keep up, because I'm not turning around," Paris says as she walks off. Lane smiles and says that Rory wasn't exaggerating about Paris. "Paris needs no embellishment," Rory says.

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Gilmore Girls




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