Gilmore Girls
The Breakup, Part 2

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Scary Nipple! Scary Nipple!

At the soda table, Lane observes that all of the soda is French. Paris explains, "Madeline's mother has a French fetish. She's obsessed with all things French. French wine, French food, French water, French cellulite products." Their conversation is interrupted by Philllipppe's arguing with his girlfriend. The girlfriend doesn't want to talk to Philllipppe, and he's asking why she locked herself in a bathroom with another boy. She asks him what he thinks she was doing in there. He tells her she's his girlfriend. She calls him a caveman and asks if he's going to club her and drag her back to her Porsche. "Summer, please," Philllipppe starts, but Outkast starts playing in the background, and Summer starts grooving and walks off to dance. Rory watches. Philllipppe sees her watching and walks off. "I just love that Summer, don't you?" Paris asks, and then announces that it's 9:45. Rory asks why she keeps checking her watch. Paris explains that her mother is making her stay at the party until 10:30.

Paris leans against a doorway. Rory walks over and asks why Paris's mother would care. "She thinks I'm not enough of a people person," Paris says, sarcastically adding that she doubts highly that Madame Curie was voted "Most Likely To Dress Like Jennifer Lopez." Rory asks whether Paris wants to be a scientist. Paris nods, smiles, and says, "Cancer research." "Cool," Rory says. Lane walks over and says, "Oh, no." Turns out that the only Korean boy at the party has his "Korean Girl Radar turned on." The Korean boy makes a beeline over to Lane. He introduces himself. Lane introduces Rory and Paris. "We've met," Paris drones. "Paris," Korean Boy says. His name is Henry. He asks Lane to dance. Lane tells him that they're talking. Henry asks whether they can put the conversation on hold for one dance: "No crazy dance mixes." Lane agrees, and tells Rory that if she's not back in one dance, Rory has to come down with whatever illness will make them have to leave. Rory complies by saying that she already feels a fever coming on, and Lane leaves Rory with Lane's jacket. "Unbelievable," Paris says, as Lane starts dancing all cute and sexy with Henry. "She's here five minutes and she has a date. I've been going to this school nine years and I'm the French soda monitor," Paris pouts. Sorry, Miss Bratson. Rory watches the party and the dancing for a little while, sighs, and walks off.

The DJ is moving his turntable slowly with one finger, even though the music is just playing "Every Day I Write the Book" without any sort of scratching. There is dancing. Rory drops the coats in the pool table room and finds Philllipppe staring off, all sad and pouty.

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Gilmore Girls




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