Gilmore Girls
The Breakup, Part 2

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Scary Nipple! Scary Nipple!

Meanwhile, Lorelai is getting her mack on. She and Max are in lip-lock, and Lorelai stops to say that she didn't come there just to make out. They kiss some more, and Max pulls away to say that this is crazy. In an overhead shot, we watch the two of them pace and stammer around. Max says that he doesn't see her for months, and now this. They kiss again. "You do that so good," Lorelai smiles. Max makes her sit on the couch; he sits on a chair far from the couch and puts a table between them so that they can talk without mugging down. He asks how she's been. She says she's been "good." He says that she looks really good. She says he does too. He says he's missed her. She says she's glad, because otherwise the greeting would have been inappropriate. He says he's been thinking about them. She says she hasn't, and that it's a good thing, because if she gave it any thought it'd be too hard. She asks if he has any solutions. He doesn't. "So, nothing's changed," she says. He agrees. She says that it was probably a bad idea for her to go there. "Probably," he says. They sit in silence for a second. "Screw this," Max says, tossing the table over and grabbing her into a kiss. Commercial.

You know, I wish I liked Max even a little bit. Even his striking resemblance to my good-hearted friend isn't helping. I just find him to be creepy with that forehead ridge you could trip over.

Lane and Henry are slow-dancing. Rory walks over to them. She taps Lane and asks whether she's sick yet. Lane says that Rory might just have allergies. "Keep me posted," Rory smiles, walking off.

Paris says that her watch stopped and urgently asks Rory for the time. It's 10:35. Paris celebrates and hauls ass out of the house. Rory sighs and walks around the party. Where are the chaperones at this place?

Rory sits in a chair and pulls out her book. Phillllipppe and Summer walk into the room and start arguing. He wants to leave. She's tired of fighting. He wants to talk. She wants to break up. He asks to go somewhere and talk. She tells him to go do that, and walks off. Philllipppe storms out of the room as Lane storms in saying she has a problem: "He's really good in school. He's going to be a doctor. Pediatrician, to be exact. His parents are extremely involved in their local church. He himself helps out with Sunday school. He speaks Korean fluently. He respects his parents. And he's also really cute, very funny, and surprisingly interesting." Rory says she fails to see the problem here. "I'm falling for a guy my parents would approve of. They'd love him! They'd go crazy! There'd be dancing in the Kim house! Dancing!" "Really?" Rory asks. Lane amends, "Followed by a lot of praying. But initially, there'd be dancing." Lane adds that this is horrible, and can't happen. They have to go now. Rory grabs her stuff. Henry walks in, and Lane melts. He apologizes to Rory for monopolizing Lane all night. Rory says it's okay, adding that she's had Lane for fifteen years and is starting to get sick of her. She says that they should go, because she has a strict mother. Henry asks if they can stay for one more dance. Rory starts to say that they can't, but Lane interrupts to say that one dance would be fine. Lane prances off and smiles that she'll be back.

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