Gilmore Girls
The Breakup, Part 2

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Scary Nipple! Scary Nipple!

Lorelai and Max are naked in a bed, holding hands in a post-coital cuddle. "Well, I certainly didn't come over here for that," Lorelai says. Max says he knows and kisses her head. Yo, that's a funky chest that man has. The hair is swirling around so furiously, it looks like his nipple is inside his chest. No, it's actually outlined in a thick circle of hair. Maybe they put gel on it or something? Lorelai tells Max he's a wonderful man. He asks what happens now. Lorelai's finger gets stuck in the center of Max's chest hair as she says, "I don't know." She says it's late, and that she should get Sookie's car back. Max asks if this is it: "You leave and we forget this ever happened?" Lorelai strokes his arm and says no. "Then what?" he asks. Lorelai says that she leaves, and they go on with their lives, and at some point soup. Max isn't in the mood to joke about soup being good food. She says she doesn't want to leave and forget it happened; she wants a solution to make everything better, but she can't think of anything. Max says that they should talk on the phone about themselves on a regular basis. He explains that they won't solve their problem by staying away from each other, nor will they solve it by not staying away from each other. Lorelai says that they'll burn more calories the second way. Max says that he wants to solve this. Lorelai says that she does, too. Max says that they'll talk. She agrees. They kiss. She pulls back and says that they're supposed to be talking. He tells her that there's plenty of time to talk. They kiss some more.

Rory stumbles upon Philllipppe, who's plunking some keys on a piano. She apologizes for walking in. He says it's fine. She says she's sorry about Summer. He says he doesn't want to talk about it. She asks how he did on the biology test, and comments that it was hard; she got a B+. He asks why she's talking about the test. She says it's because he doesn't want to talk about Summer, so she moved to Biology. Philllipppe says that Rory must have loved seeing him get dumped. Everyone did. Rory says that she didn't love it, and sits down next to him on the bench. "I really liked her, too," Philllipppe says. Rory says that she knows. Philllipppe asks her where CuteDean is. Rory says that he's not her boyfriend anymore. Philllipppe: "Why not?" Rory: "He didn't want to be." Philllipppe: "Idiot." See? I'm just not buying this at all. This "he didn't want to be." Rory says that Summer is an idiot, too. Philllipppe asks whether Rory thinks that she'll get back together with CuteDean. "He was pretty set in his decision," Rory says. He asks when it happened. "Yesterday," she says. "Wow," Philllipppe whispers. Rory: "It was our three-month anniversary." Philllipppe: "That sucks." Rory agrees that it does. She asks if he'll get back with Summer. About seven times, he says that they won't. He leans in and apologizes for giving her such a hard time for a while. She says it's okay. "It is?" he asks. Rory smiles and says, "Well, no. But you're sad." Philllipppe apologizes again, and Rory accepts. Philllipppe laughs that it's a great party. Rory says it gave her a chance to catch up on her reading. "You are very odd, you know that?" Philllipppe asks her. Rory thanks him. He says, "You're welcome," and then slowly leans in. They kiss. Rory kisses him back, and then pulls away. He apologizes and asks whether he bit her lip or something. Rory starts crying, says it isn't him, and stammers that she has to go.

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