Gilmore Girls
The Breakup, Part 2

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Scary Nipple! Scary Nipple!

Rory finds Lane and says that she has to go. Lane starts to leave, and Henry asks for her phone number. Lane says that her last name is Kim, and that hers are the only Kims in Stars Hollow. Lane runs off saying she can't believe she just gave her number to a potential Korean doctor.

Lorelai smiles back into her house, but she's missing the Just-Got-Laid Hair. She finds Rory sitting on the couch. Rory's wearing her pajamas and holding a gigantic bucket of ice cream in her lap. She looks up and sadly says, "I'm ready to wallow now." Man! Why does this show have to end with me crying all the damn time? Lorelai walks over to Rory as Rory starts crying. Lorelai kisses Rory's face and takes the Ben and Jerry's out of her lap. She puts a pillow down and pulls Rory to her lap. Rory keeps crying as Lorelai strokes Rory's hair and gets on the phone. She orders a pizza with everything and hangs up. She kisses Rory's shoulder as Rory sobs into the pillow, and we fade to black.

Man. What if that's the last of CuteDean, people? What if that's it? Oh, God. I hate it. I hate it!

Next week we meet Rory's and Lorelai's namesake. Apparently Emily isn't the perfect daughter(-in-law), either.

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Gilmore Girls




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