Gilmore Girls
The Breakup, Part 2

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A dressed and groggy Lorelai makes her way downstairs. She stops and turns around to face the living room. Besides everything being very clean, all of the furniture has been moved around, and there are more flowers in the house than I've ever seen before.

Lorelai wanders into the kitchen and asks Rory whether she rearranged the living room. Rory says that she did. Lorelai is glad to find out that it was Rory, and not "decorator elves." Lorelai is wearing one hell of a bra under her tight shirt. I'm just saying. The underwire is like, "Hi! I'm holding up titties! Check me out!" ["I noticed that, too. But I'm not gay or nothing." -- Wing Chun] Lorelai asks Rory why she decided to move the furniture around. Rory says that she was up and it was there. Lorelai observes that Rory didn't move the television. Rory says that it was too heavy. Lorelai says that she likes the new arrangement, although when the couch used to face the television it was easier to watch, but that this will be good too -- more like radio. Rory asks whether Lorelai is ready to go. Lorelai asks whether Rory can stop writing her list for a second, and talk. Lorelai explains that she's concerned. Rory says that she can't deal with it right now. Lorelai says that she's had her heart broken before, and that it's hard for everyone, so she'd like to give Rory some advice: the best thing for her to do today is wallow. Rory doesn't want to wallow. Lorelai says that Rory should sit around all day in her pajamas and eat lots of pizza, should not shower or shave or put on makeup, and should just watch sad movies and cry. Rory says no. Lorelai insists, "Rory, your first love is intense and your first breakup even more intense. Shoving it away and ignoring it while you make lists is not going to help." Rory says that she doesn't want to wallow. Lorelai asks her to try it for one day. "No," Rory brats. Lorelai says that one day won't kill her. Rory says that she doesn't want to be the kind of girl who is devastated by not having a boyfriend. "That description hardly applies to you," Lorelai says. Rory says that it will if she sits around wallowing over CuteDean. Rory says that she used to have a boyfriend, and now she doesn't. That's just the way it is. She asks Lorelai if not shaving her legs and eating lots of junk food will change that fact. Lorelai says that it won't. "I don't even want to go there," Rory says, while washing her glass. She adds she has things to do and Harvard to think about. Lorelai reminds Rory that Harvard is about three years away, again making me wonder what grade Rory is supposed to be in. ["I think the 'about' is a fudge because when the show got pulled for sweeps, we sort of lost a month of Rory's school year. I'm pretty sure she's in grade ten, since she's sixteen, and that she's halfway through the year." -- Wing Chun] Rory says that she should be preparing for it now, and that she shouldn't be thinking about anything else. She says that she's sixteen, and that she has the rest of her life to have a boyfriend. Lorelai asks whether they should rent Old Yeller, too. Rory moans that Lorelai's not listening to her. Lorelai says that she's listening, but that she doesn't agree. "I don't want to wallow," Rory says, "and you can't make me." "Fine," Lorelai says. "Thank you," Rory snips. Lorelai asks to see the list Rory's working on. Rory hands her the list. Lorelai reads the list and says that they don't need a garden hose. Rory says that they don't have one. Lorelai reminds Rory that they don't have a garden, either. Rory says that maybe they could get a garden once they have a garden hose. Lorelai asks for the pen. She writes something down on the list and hands it back. Rory looks at the list and says, "Mom..." Lorelai gets excited: "What? It's on the list! Don't you have to do it if it's on the list?" Rory crosses it off and says she's not going to wallow. Lorelai notes she put it after the trip to the recycling center. Rory sighs.

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