Gilmore Girls
The Breakup, Part 2

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Scary Nipple! Scary Nipple!

Rory sits at the table and says she feels like everyone is staring at her. Lorelai tells her that no one is staring at her. Rory says that everyone already knows, and that the entire town is now laughing at her. Lorelai says that it only happened a few hours ago, and that there's no way everyone already knows. Rory insists that everyone must know. Lorelai asks whether Rory wants to go home. Rory says they have a list of things to do. Lorelai asks whether Rory would like eggs, French toast, or the key to the dumpster. Rory says she doesn't care. Lorelai stands up to order, I guess, or something.

Miss Patty stops Lorelai inside the diner and is acting all sweet-like, so Lorelai knows she knows. Miss Patty crumbles and says she feels awful; she feels responsible. "Well, you should," Lorelai says. Hee. Miss Patty says she got CuteDean (does anyone else think it's strange when they call him "Dean" instead of "CuteDean"?) the job at the market, and that she encouraged CuteDean and Rory to be together. Miss Patty fails to mention that she also left her dance hall open for the crashers. Lorelai asks Miss Patty not to say anything to Rory about it, and to tell everyone to leave Rory alone. Miss Patty says that she will, and asks Lorelai to give Rory a hug for her.

Luke wanders downstairs, putting on his watch. Lorelai sees him and wishes him a good morning. Luke sheepishly grumbles that Rachel thought he looked "a little tired." Lorelai says that it's good that he got a break, and comments that Rachel seems comfortable at the diner. Luke says that Rachel always could just fit in anywhere. Cut to Rachel walking around with a half-empty pot of coffee, just fitting in like a charm. Lorelai says that Rachel looks good in Luke's apron. Luke stammers a new subject, presumably because Rachel woke him up that morning wearing only that apron. Lorelai asks Luke to make some chocolate chip pancakes for Rory. Luke asks the occasion. Lorelai tells him that CuteDean broke up with Rory. Luke is enraged. Lorelai says that Rory doesn't want anyone to know about it. Luke says that he knew CuteDean was trouble. Lorelai asks for the pancakes, but Luke's just going on about the nerve on CuteDean. He says that he's never going to find someone better than Rory. Luke grumps a "good riddance," and Lorelai asks for the food. Luke asks how Rory is doing. Lorelai says, "She's been dumped. By her first boyfriend." Luke grumbles another threat in CuteDean's direction, and says he'll put extra whipped cream on Rory's pancakes. Lorelai thanks him.

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Gilmore Girls




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