Gilmore Girls
The Breakup, Part 2

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Scary Nipple! Scary Nipple!

Lorelai turns back to the table. Kirk is talking to Rory: "I never liked him. Something about the shape of his forehead or his height or the floppy hairstyle. Actually, yes. On reflection, I think it was the floppy hairstyle." I love Kirk above every other Townie. Lorelai interrupts Kirk to wish him a good morning. Kirk turns and says, "Lorelai. I want to express my apologies for not voicing my concerns about that...floppy-haired jerk earlier." Lorelai tells him that he needs to leave now. Kirk says that he can't leave unless she accepts his apology. She does. Kirk turns to leave, but leans back to say, "It will not happen again."

Lorelai sits down and asks Rory whether she's sure that she doesn't want to -- "Do not say 'wallow'!" Rory interrupts. "Sssswallow your coffee before you eat?" Lorelai finishes. Rory says that she's fine. Lorelai says that she can tell by the look on her face that Rory's not fine. "It's the same look you had when you broke up with Max," Rory says. "Did wallowing help you get over him?" Lorelai stammers that wallowing isn't going to help Rory to get over CuteDean, but that it's part of the process -- the mourning period. Lorelai says that the only thing that will help her get over him is time. Rory asks how much time it took for Lorelai to get over Max. Lorelai says that she's not sure, exactly. Rory asks again, but Lorelai says that she's not really sure. Rory keeps asking, and Lorelai keeps being vague. Luke walks over and announces that the pancakes are almost ready. He fills Rory's coffee cup and asks whether she'd like some strawberries. Rory tries to turn them down, but Luke's already off to get them. Rory turns to Lorelai and accuses her of telling Luke. Lorelai says she didn't tell Luke but that Miss Patty did, which isn't true at all.

We hear Rory ask Lorelai who told Miss Patty, but we see Luke look outside the diner window to spy CuteDean walking toward the door. Luke slams his coffee pot down and runs outside, racing toward CuteDean with his hand up and barking, "Stop right there." CuteDean is confused. Luke asks where he's going. CuteDean says that he's going to get coffee. Luke says that he's not going in there. "Turn around, Bag Boy," Luke says. CuteDean asks whether Luke is serious. "Do you see a smile on this face?" Luke asks. You know, I bet it's that leather jacket CuteDean is wearing. It always makes boys make poor decisions. But I still think that CuteDean didn't do anything wrong here. I bet he told Rory that they should break up until she decides she's ready to be with him, and that she just hasn't told us that at all. She's acting funny and blaming him, but I bet he's just giving her space and she doesn't know how to react to it all. This is because I want CuteDean to do no wrong. Y'all. He's making her a car. He wouldn't just dump her. ["But she's not accusing him of anything -- she just keeps saying that he 'doesn't want to be [her] boyfriend anymore.' Maybe that's all that happened; maybe he was just so embarrassed that she didn't say it back that he didn't know what else to do than break up with her (which is not the same as dumping her). I don't want him to do any wrong, either, but I don't think that his reacting immaturely out of humiliation and hurt is necessarily wrong -- just unfortunate. And not irrevocable." -- Wing Chun] CuteDean starts walking into the diner, and Luke pushes him the other direction, calling him a "smart guy." CuteDean asks what's going on. Luke says that he's exercising his right not to serve him. CuteDean tells him to let go and tries to do a fake under Luke's arm. They're now struggling with their arms around each other's hips. Hey, nice CuteDean butt shot, there.

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