Gilmore Girls
The Breakup, Part 2

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Scary Nipple! Scary Nipple!

Rory is telling Lorelai that everyone in town is going to know. Through the window next to them, we see CuteDean and Luke still in a wrestling pose. Lorelai chokes on her coffee when she sees the scuffle. Rory and Lorelai get up and run outside...

...where Lorelai yells for Luke and CuteDean to break it up. Luke has CuteDean in a headlock. Lorelai smacks Luke a few times on the back and pulls him off CuteDean, demanding to know what he thinks he's doing. "He started it," Luke counters, adding that CuteDean was trying to enter the restaurant. Rory quietly stares at CuteDean. "Are you a lunatic?" Lorelai asks Luke. "He's sixteen!" CuteDean looks away from Rory and rubs his hand through his CuteHair. Lorelai pulls Luke back into the diner. Where was Rachel during all that? In the street, Rory asks CuteDean if he's okay. "I'm fine," he mutters, still not looking at her. Rory says that's good, and adds that she doesn't know what got into Luke. CuteDean interrupts her to say he has to go, and walks right past her without looking at her. "Sure," Rory says quietly. Ow. Luke starts charging toward CuteDean again, but Lorelai is holding him back. CuteDean walks away, Luke goes back inside, and Lorelai sees Rory pouting on the street. Lorelai walks over to Rory, grabs her jacket, and asks for the list. Rory finally pulls out the list and suggests that they go buy a soap dish for the kitchen. They walk off.

Lorelai and Rory enter the house with their arms full of shopping bags. Wow. That's a boring sentence. Sorry. Rory says that they got everything on the list except for the brown extension cord. Lorelai reminds her that they're picking that up on Tuesday. This means that they can celebrate finishing the list. Lorelai asks whether Rory's happy. Rory says that she appreciates a job well done. Lorelai is excited about her toaster pizzas, because by their very name she knows they'll be nasty and good like junk food should be. Rory gets excited over her plug-in air freshener and goes to try it.

There's a knock at the door. It's sweet Sally Struthers, warbling in, calling everyone "Sugah." Man. I wish Kirk and Babette would date. Babette is freaking out, screaming Rory's name and begging to console her. Lorelai grabs Babette and stops the Struthering, pushing Babette outside to tell her that she appreciates her coming over, but that Rory doesn't want any help right now. Babette says that you have to go through a lot of really bad relationships to get to the good one, and offers to tell Rory about all of the horrible men she's known in her life. Lorelai tries to talk, but Babette's not done: "Really, truly horrible men." Lorelai tries again, but Babette's all, "I was pushed out of a moving car once." I love this show. Lorelai: "Now, that's a pithy little antecdote." Cut to Rory walking into the kitchen and listening in as Lorelai says she wants Babette to tell her all of these things, but just not right now. "Is she really bad?" Babette asks. "She'll be fine," Lorelai assures her.

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Gilmore Girls




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