Gilmore Girls
The Breakup, Part 2

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Scary Nipple! Scary Nipple!

Rory walks back into her room and closes the door. She walks over to her bed and lies down on her back. She holds her wrist and stares at the place where her bracelet used to be. She almost cries, gets angry, punches the bed and sits up. She pulls some books out of her backpack. While she goes through a bunch of papers, one falls into her lap. She opens it.

Rory walks into the kitchen still holding the piece of paper. Lorelai stammers a lie about why Babette was there, but Rory just hands her the piece of paper. It's the invitation to Fraulein's party. "I'm going to go," Rory smiles. Lorelai says that Rory could just stay home and read The Bell Jar and have the same effect. Rory says that she's going to school at Chilton for the next two and a half years, so it wouldn't kill her to be social. So, Rory's a sophomore. Right? Okay. Good. Got that cleared up. ["Told you!" -- Wing Chun] Harvard isn't really three years away. ["But it is 'about' three years away -- like, over two and a half." -- Wing Chun] Lorelai suggests that Rory bring Lane with her. Rory says that it's a good idea. ["Lane's mom would let Lane go to a party in another city on a few hours' notice?" -- Wing Chun] Rory asks to borrow the car and some clothes, to which Lorelai quickly agrees. Rory asks whether she's going to get everything she asks for today because Lorelai feels sorry for her. Lorelai says yes. Rory goes off to make a list.

Lane and Rory are getting ready to go to the party. I can't believe Lane is allowed to go to a party. With boys. ["Dude. I am so on your length." -- Wing Chun] Lane asks Rory how she's doing. Rory says she's fine, ob la di, ob la da. Lane says that she saw CuteDean today, but that she didn't know if she should tell Rory she did. Rory says that it's fine, and asks what he said. Lane says that CuteDean walked away as soon as she saw him, and adds that he looked really sad. Rory says that she doesn't want him to be sad. Lane asks whether Rory's sure she wants to go out tonight. "Why does everybody keep asking me that?" Rory asks. Lane says that she'd be fine hanging out, listening to music, talking or not talking. Rory says that they're going to the party, that it's going to be great, and that's final. Lorelai tells Lane not to argue with her, and puts a necklace on Rory. "It's pretty," Rory smiles. Lorelai hands Rory a phone and some "mad money," and tells Rory to call if she's going to be any later than midnight. Rory stops because she sees the box of corn starch: "Um, the corn starch. The first time Dean kissed me, he..." She says she'll go throw it out, but Lorelai takes it and says she'll take care of it. They say goodbye. Lorelai tells them to look in the sock drawers: "Rich people have hilarious sock drawers."

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Gilmore Girls




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