Gilmore Girls
The Breakup, Part 2

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Scary Nipple! Scary Nipple!

Lorelai puts the corn starch box in the closet, and sees a box on the top shelf. She pulls it off the shelf and sits down with it. She starts going through the contents, and finds Max's Proust book.

Lorelai knocks on Sookie's door starts to ask a question, but Sookie runs inside the house. Lorelai follows her inside. Sookie is staring at the space between two closed doors. Lorelai asks how Sookie's x-ray vision is going. Sookie excitedly explains that Jackson is making dinner for her. Lorelai says that's nice of him. Sookie agrees that it is, but she's clearly worried that Jackson isn't going to cook everything correctly. She keeps shouting orders and concerns through the door. No, it's funny -- it's just hard to explain. Sookie's all knocking on the door and trying to laugh about the very real horror of Jackson's possibly using the wrong pans to sauté the onions. Lorelai starts to ask her favor again, but Sookie wants Lorelai to go into the kitchen to spy for her and make sure that Jackson's preparing the food properly. Lorelai asks Sookie why she doesn't just go in there herself. Sookie gets all guilty and says that Jackson kicked her out and won't allow her back in. Lorelai says that Jackson is trying to do something nice for Sookie, and that Sookie won't just relax and let someone else prepare the food for a change. Sookie begs Lorelai just to take a peek, then hands her a Polaroid camera and asks, "Take a picture for me." Lorelai refuses to spy on Jackson. Sookie says that she has to go in the kitchen. Jackson opens the doors on Sookie and tells her to stay right where she is. Jackson explains that he's trying to do something nice, and that she's ruining it. Lorelai plops down on the couch and accidentally takes a picture of herself with the camera in her hands. Sookie says that she was only suggesting. Jackson says that she suggested the ladle right out of his hands four times. She says that she had to skim the sauce. Jackson screams, "Oh, dammit, Sookie! This was supposed to be romantic!" "It is!" Sookie screams back. Jackson orders her to stay out of the kitchen. He says that he's going to cook this meal alone, and that he's going to clean up afterward -- alone. "Oh, no!" Sookie protests. "Oh, yes," Jackson says. Sookie says that Jackson doesn't know how to put everything in the dishwasher the right way; she has a system. As Jackson goes back into the kitchen, Sookie begs him to use the chart in the pantry she's drawn up. He shouts that he's going solo: "Just because I can!" Lorelai tells Sookie that she should just enjoy this nice thing that Jackson's doing for her. Sookie says that she knows that it's nice, and sits down. Lorelai asks to borrow her car for a little while. Sookie hands her the keys and asks what's so important. Lorelai says she'll tell her later. Sookie tells her to take her time with the car, since she's in for the night. Lorelai leaves, and Sookie sighs. A crash from the kitchen propels Sookie back to the closed doors, shouting, "What happened? What did you do?"

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Gilmore Girls




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