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Shout-outs to Pamie for having me cover for her, and to Wing Chun for putting all this together. I hope Pamie's move goes well.

Previously on Gilmore Girls: Rory gets into Chilton, meets a very cute boy, has an interview with the Headmaster Charleston, who doesn't dance or even smile, for that matter, gets taunted by Terrible Paris, and teased by another cute boy.

Rory and Lorelai are heading into an office-supply store for...well, supplies. Lorelai is teasing Rory, saying something about a plunger and toilet paper that I don't quite understand, and only when threatened by her daughter does Lorelai begin to take the adventure seriously. I love shopping for school supplies and I'm not even in school anymore. ["Me too! We have nineteen different kinds of ruled notepads and about eighty thousand pens here." -- Wing Chun] They grab a basket and head into the store looking for legal pads. The banter back and forth about the requisite number of highlighters needed by a sixteen-year-old private-school girl: three. According to Rory, three is not a random number: "One dries up. One gets lost. I have one left." As they work their way down Rory's list, Lorelai grabs some purple legal pads, which are completely unacceptable, because Chilton is a "serious" school. Thus the teasing begins: "Here are your somber highlighters, maudlin pencils, your manic-depressive pens." Mom. Something about erasers that are on lithium prompts Rory to insist she's going home now. The wacky escapades continue as we break for credits. Rory threatens never to let Lorelai go shopping with her again; Lorelai jokes about colourful Post-It Notes being forced to change their "wacky ways."

What's a girl to do when she doesn't even hate the theme song? I am rather speechless, so let's move on. I always at least hate the theme song.

A big bus is parked to the left of my screen. A plaid-kilted Rory races off the bus carrying a very large bag, presumably filled with books. It doesn't stop there. The bus doors remain open and she jumps back on board to grab a knapsack presumably crammed with the school supplies purchased earlier. She runs back a third time to pick up whatever it is that she missed -- a second knapsack filled with who knows what -- before the bus doors slide shut and it rambles off into the distance. Hee. My boyfriend at university used to walk around with two knapsacks: one he'd carry on his back and the other on his front. I never told him he looked ridiculous. Let's hope he's not reading this. Rory is carrying a total of five bags placed very tenuously on both of her shoulders as she tries to make it into the school without tipping over. We fade into the classroom...

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