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I was having breakfast when Melissa McCarthy walked into the restaurant. Does that make this an extra-special recap, since it was written minutes after seeing Sookie? More importantly, do you think she recognized me, since I was wearing a TWoP shirt at the time or because I was staring at her?

I'm a little worried about Rory's laundry habit. This girl does more laundry than Last Comic Standing's Rich Vos. We open in Lorelai's kitchen, where Rory is carrying a large bundle of laundry and Lorelai is clipping coupons. There's "[off-key rock music]" playing faintly in the background, according to the closed captioning. Lorelai asks Rory if she'd be horrified if Lorelai started clipping coupons again. Rory makes a snotty "Yes!" sound, so Lorelai tells her to forget it, then: "I won't." Rory asks when Lorelai ever clipped coupons before. Lorelai says she never did, and that she just misspoke. Lorelai asks Rory how her laundry has increased exponentially since she started Yale. "Because I'm a dirty, filthy Yale girl now," Rory answers, snatching the coupon section of the paper away from Lorelai. "I told you I'm not going to clip them!" Lorelai shouts. Rory says that there shouldn't be a problem, then. Rory doesn't get too far into the laundry room, however, because she hears Lane's band playing. "That is..." she starts. "Sucks," Lorelai agrees. "That is totally sucks [sic]," Rory says, noting that the band is on their 200th guitarist audition. Lorelai says they must be down to the "deaf, dumb, and blind ones," and then celebrates when the guitarist in question finds the "lost chord." Rory walks back in and says, "So, the washer's broken." Lorelai grins guiltily and says, "Yep." Rory wonders why Lorelai didn't mention it when Rory walked out with her exponential pile of laundry or called from Yale to say she was coming home to do exponential amounts of laundry. Lorelai accuses Rory of co-opting her word, so Rory changes it to "plethora," as in, "I have a plethora of dirty laundry and nowhere to do it." Lorelai reminds Rory that she comes home not to do her laundry, but to see her "momma." Rory says that this time she came home to do her laundry. Lorelai says she'll call the laundry repair man. Rory and Lorelai note that the band has stopped playing. Enter Lane, wearing a very cool Welcome to the Dollhouse t-shirt. Her hair is in two thick braids. She mopes over to the kitchen sink, ducks her head under the faucet, and drowns the back of her head in cold water. As she walks away, Rory wonders if Lane can even hear them. Lorelai says that in self-defense, Lane's ears must have become vestigial organs. Rory snatches the coupon section away from Lorelai once again and runs to hide it in her room. Lorelai finds another section and gives a "Ha" as we fade to the opening credits.

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