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Monet, Monet

Taylor gets to loop the correct pronunciation of "Girolamo Parmigianino" in ADR later, but they don't bother matching it up too well. (Also: I can't find proof of this painting anywhere. Anyway, cue Rory, in costume, standing behind a curtain, as if she's in a frame. People applaud. Rory stands very still.

Hank looks disgruntled.

Miss Patty quietly calls five minutes until The Last Supper.

Patty walks in to find Kirk and the Troubadour in a fistfight. She tells the apostles to get in there and stop them from fighting. "If I've re-pulled my calf muscle, you are so getting it!" Kirk shouts. The Troubadour tells Kirk to un-pull it with one of his handy miracles. "You're a blasphemer and a traitor!" Kirk shouts. "And let's face it. You're unattractive!" Miss Patty yells for them to get their butts on stage.

Taylor introduces The Last Supper. Huh. So much for anything to do with Rory's painting getting a storyline, like Rory flinching or winking or something. ["Pamie, get real. Rory wouldn't do anything to screw it up. She is perfect. -- Wing Chun] Taylor goes on and on about the painting.

Kirk and the Troubadour are still fighting about Shakey's as they take their places behind the table. Bickering, bickering, bickering. Miss Patty threatens to shove the papier-mâché rolls down their throats, and calls curtain.

The curtain opens. Applause. I guess Luke made the rest of the table. Nobody fights. Nothing happens. Everybody just do their job. Huh. So much for that storyline.

Rory -- who has nothing but respect for her fellow actor -- is in the audience, asking Lane if she did a good job. Lane -- who is obligated by law always to put Rory first -- tells her that she wasn't upstaged by the ferret. Rory points out SB. Lane says she was going to call him tomorrow with the bad news, but that she doesn't want to be rude, so she'll say a quick hello and tell him she'll call him tomorrow.

Lane walks over to SB, who is enjoying this trippy scene. He saw the flyer and couldn't resist. "Cool. Great. Yeah," says Lane. SB tells Lane not to sweat it, and that he picked up the vibe that he's not in the band because of the age difference. He says he knows it's a little weird, but that it's cool. Lane says that SB is a great guy and a great guitarist, so someone should scoop him up in no time. SB says he's going to keep going, and not repeat last time. Lane -- who was about two when Skid Row was ruling -- gets a little history lesson from SB. He says he had the hottest band in L.A., and was playing at the Whiskey and the House of Blues. He says they had demo and were about to be signed. They got an opening slot on a national tour with Quiet Riot. Wait. There was no House of Blues when Quiet Riot had a national tour. Anyway, Sebastian Bach says his band broke up before the tour started over money and chicks. He says it killed him, so he put down his guitar and got a day job. Then a few months ago he started playing again and he realized how much he missed it: "And that's how you got my tape." He says he's not giving up this time, no matter how long it takes. He thanks Lane for letting him play with her band: "It was a blast." Lane says he'd better get used to playing with them, because he's in the band. "No way!" SB shouts. "Way," Lane says back. I can't believe Kirk hasn't shouted a disgruntled "Christ!" from the noise. SB celebrates, and tells his wife and kids that he's in the band. Everyone cheers.

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