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Monet, Monet

"Our guitarist is married," Lane tells Rory. "And you made his kids happy, too," Rory says. The curtain closes on The Last Supper. People applaud.

Backstage, the Troubadour complains that Kirk watched the first two Matrix movies on DVD with his other apostles. "Get away from me!" Kirk whines.

Luke cleans his diner. Nicole enters, making Luke do that ridiculous script cliché where someone starts a sentence, sees who's at the door and then lets that last word trail off as a hello. Nicole says there's a lot of nuttiness outside. Luke says, "Nuttiness." Nicole says it again. Luke admits that he fixed Christ's table. "He's' a carpenter," Nicole notes. "He should have fixed it himself." Luke's about to meet the real queen of segues: "Speaking of and me?" She says it's funny that getting married is what broke them up: "Gotta love the irony." Luke admits that it is "a little ironic." Nicole says that getting married was wrong, but adds that rushing into the divorce might be wrong, too. She asks if they can have what they had before -- being two people who enjoy each other's company. She asks if they can postpone the divorce, and date. She says it sounds stupid, but doesn't feel stupid.

Taylor asks for applause again for Picasso's Guernica. Hee. Taylor introduces The Reaper, which is being reproduced on the town's gazebo. Andrew poses on a rotating stage.

Miss Patty says that the statue is done. Lorelai is almost done applying her makeup. Miss Patty says that Lorelai and Terrence are up next, so they should be ready. Isn't it like this episode has absolutely nothing to do with the season we've been watching? It could have aired last week or the week before and it wouldn't have made a difference. Anyway, Lorelai's feeling the pressure, and is snapping at Miss Patty and Rory.

Rory follows Lorelai to the stage, where Lorelai freaks out. She admits that she really did flinch seven years ago. Hey, what happened to that awesome dress that Lorelai wanted to wear; the one that fit her like a glove? Lorelai's in jeans and a white shirt. I'm not really into recapping this scene because they use the joke "Stevie Wonder could have seen it," and I really dislike recapping jokes from 1982. Rory pep-talks Lorelai, who's complaining that her bones are more fragile now and that she's a Weeble (1975-ish) who might wobble. Rory doesn't even have the words for the pep talk, and the girls sort of flounder around trying to think of how to end the scene. I liked this episode a lot more when I watched it at 2 in the morning last week. I'm rethinking my A- now. Rory tells Lorelai to close her eyes and think of England and know that Rory loves her. Miss Patty asks Rory if Lorelai is going to flinch. Rory doesn't have an answer.

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