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Monet, Monet

Hank gives another begrudging smirk when Taylor calls their evening triumphant, and I guess that's supposed to resolve the Hank/Taylor storyline, because Taylor introduces Lorelai's Renoir painting. The curtain opens. The dress is totally a painting, you guys. Lorelai and Terrence are coming out of the painting like Phoebe's Gladys from the Friends episode this week. And this is when Lorelai's pager goes off (is she still wearing it on her jeans, the ones behind the painting?). I knew it was coming, but it still made me giggle, but that's probably because it was 3 in the morning when I was watching it. Everybody looks around as Rory shouts, "Oh, no, no, no, no!" Miss Patty actually says "Oy to the vey." But Lorelai doesn't flinch. She stands very still as the time runs down. The curtain closes, and Taylor exhales. People applaud, not too enthusiastically. Taylor closes out the evening by thanking everyone. He calls the evening a success again and smirks toward Hank. He bids adieu and the thirty people in the audience clap again. (They look pretty cold.) Lorelai and Rory run, holding hands, from behind the curtain. I guess this is why Lorelai was in jeans and not the dress, but it's a shame that they mentioned the dress more than twice as a reason for Lorelai to land the part in the first place. Anyway, the strummy/la takes us out as Rory and Lorelai run toward Sookie's and we come to a close without a promo for next week. But we know the sex of Sookie's baby. You don't have to keep it a secret from us!

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