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Lorelai enters Sookie and Jackson's place to find...our newest townie. His name is Bo, and he's Jackson's brother. Get it? Bo. Jackson. Bo's the kind of guy who sits around reading magazines about cars, barely grunting when someone asks him a question. Sookie explains that Bo is grumpy because Jackson has asked Bo to be there for the birth, which was supposed to be a week ago. So Bo is unhappy because he's missed an extra week of work, and he's not afraid to let everyone know how that makes him feel. Lorelai says it'd be nice if God had given women one of those turkey pop-up things to know when a baby was done.

Jackson enters, sans pin, and says this extra time is really great, because it's allowed him to get so much done. Sookie is storing meals, and now has two weeks' worth. From the other room, a grumpy Bo asks what day it is. Around here, Bo, folks refer to that as a "trick question." Jackson says it's Saturday. Bo says that he gets time and a half on Saturdays, or he pays his bills. Jackson apologizes to Sookie one more time for the inconvenience. Sookie then calls Jackson "Daddy," a term of affection that makes me cringe. Maybe it's because I don't have kids, but there's something about that "Mommy" and "Daddy" thing, when kids aren't around, that makes me feel icky. Jackson says that the plastic sheet fits perfectly on the bed. Lorelai asks what that's for. Not that you're nosy, Lor, asking the couple about their bed linens. Maybe Sookie wets the bed. Sookie says she has news for Lorelai, but that she needs Lorelai to take in the info slowly and process it before she decides how she feels about this. See, Jackson and Sookie have decided to go with a midwife, skipping the hospital, and have the baby in their home. Their midwife is the best one "on the Eastern seaboard." I would imagine that getting a midwife that good would take more than a week's notice, wouldn't you? Lorelai is wearing the same face I'd be wearing if my best friend told me she didn't want to deliver her child next to where they keep the medicine and machines in case something goes wrong. Sookie and Jackson say that millions of babies have been born this way, and that hospitals are full of infections, colds, dead people, and dead people with infections. "And if they're not dead yet," Jackson says, "they die!" Also they know that if the baby is born in their home, there's a "zero chance" of bringing home the wrong baby: "What comes out of her here, stays here." Take that, Las Vegas. Jackson gives Lorelai a baby pager -- one that plays "The Entertainer." Jackson found Scott Joplin to be "appropriately sunny." Sookie says she wants Lorelai to be there for the birth: "Even if home birth disgusts you." Lorelai says that nothing could keep her away. Jackson suddenly remembers to add extra buckets to the list. Lorelai starts to ask what they'd be for, and then stops herself.

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