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Monet, Monet

Luke's. Lorelai wonders if she wants to be something other than the Renoir girl. Rory says that the audience has come to expect her in that role (after that one attempt, seven years ago), so Lorelai has to be. "It's a plum role," Rory adds. Lorelai agrees. Luke walks over, apologizing for being late. He says he's dealing with more divorce-lawyer stuff, but this time it's his own lawyer, not Nicole's. He asks about the emergency meeting, and Rory explains that Stars Hollow is hosting the Festival of Living Pictures again. "Oh. Joy," Luke groans. Lorelai's quick with the impression: "His lack of enthusiasm...shocks me." Cut out "lack of," and I think it would have been funnier. Also, why is this episode called "The Festival of Living Art," instead of "Pictures"? Luke is surprised that Lorelai is involving herself in this "stupid waste of time." Hi, Luke. Have you met Lorelai? Lorelai suggests that Luke pose for Cranky Guy in Baseball Cap. Rory asks if that was Manet or Monet. Lorelai orders a hamburger, and Rory calls her the Queen of Segues. Rory orders her usual.

Rory fantasizes about being a "backstage person" this year, forgetting the word "techie," I guess. Also forgetting that she doesn't live in Stars Hollow anymore and should probably be studying for finals. Rory's interrupted by Taylor and Buff, who are outside Luke's window, staring at Rory. Lorelai tries to make another lesbian joke, but Rory stops her. Lorelai figures that Rory's being looked at for the new painting. "I feel like a used car," Rory complains. As if Rory wouldn't be heartbroken if they did that festival without a moment where she was the princess of it. I'm surprised they don't call it The Festival of Precious Rory. Taylor and Buff ask Rory to turn profile. She does, grumpily. "I'm a Yale student, for God's sake," she complains. Yeah? Tell that to your roommates, who have forgotten what you look like. I guess I'm happy we didn't lose touch with Stars Hollow, but why even bother having all of these college discussions last year and the year before and then this year have absolutely nothing to do with Rory's life in college? Rory calls Stars Hollow "crazy doofus town," and then smiles at her mom, who ties the apron string just a bit tighter to her hip.

Taylor's putting up the casting sheet, walking through Miss Patty's studio, where lots of people are working with costumes and props. Andrew is stoked to find out that he's going to be "some statue." An exasperated Taylor tells Andrew that he'll be portraying The Reaper, a prize work at Versailles and a prize role. "So, I get to be painted all white, huh?" Andrew beams. "Yeah," Taylor admits. Is the guy standing next to him the pizza delivery boy? Lorelai asks Taylor when the costumes are arriving. Taylor says that Hank said they're en route, but that she's got to triple-check everything with him. Taylor calls Hank "a real ninny," adding that he knows Hank is praying Stars Hollow doesn't pull this off, which only makes Taylor want to work harder. Kirk asks to see the list. "He's going to be very happy," Miss Patty tells Lorelai. Then Kirk squeals a jubilant "woohoo!" He's Christ in The Last Supper. He swears he'll do it right, and do lots of research. He asks what book he should read. "The Bible?" Lorelai asks. Kirk asks where his homeboy apostles be at. After a round of high-fives, the boys head to Shakey's for a celebration. Stars Hollow has a chain? Miss Patty calls Kirk a happy Christ, and Lorelai says it was nice of them to give Kirk the role.

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