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Monet, Monet

Miss Patty shows Lorelai the painting they think Rory would be perfect for. It's called Portrait Of Anthea. Lorelai says she'll try to sway Rory to do it, because there's an incredible likeness. Lorelai is confused to find that she's not the Renoir girl. In fact, she's not on the cast list at all. Miss Patty tries to hide, but Lorelai follows her. "I'm the spitting image of the Renoir girl," Lorelai brats. She says that she played the Renoir girl seven years ago to accolades: "This is a mistake." Miss Patty says she might be right. Lorelai finds Taylor and demands to know why she's not the Renoir girl. Taylor finally admits that Lorelai flinched seven years ago when the curtain opened, and ruined everything. Lorelai says she didn't flinch. "We thought you were having an attack," Taylor says, adding that Lorelai almost knocked Terrence over. Lorelai continues arguing that she didn't flinch, even when Miss Patty backs Taylor up. "You almost knocked Terrence over," she adds. Taylor, for reasons I don't truly understand, says that Lorelai "screwed the pooch." Do people say that anymore? And I do not think it means what Taylor thinks it means. Miss Patty asks Lorelai to ask Rory to be in the painting. Lorelai pouts off as we fade to black.

Where you lead, I will follow. Anywhere, that you tell me to. If you need, you need me to do laundry with you, I will follow where you lead. I always wanted Harvard. With Ivy on the windowsill, but if you can't take me going farther than Yale, honey, you know I'll bend to your every whim because I secretly never thought I was good enough for Harvard anyway. Yale. Laundry room. Hi, Lorelai. Member of the student council yet? Lorelai is humiliated that she's not the Renoir girl. A guy enters the laundry room and takes his clothes out of the dryer, causing Lorelai to note that there's a lot of tension in the air. Rory tells Lorelai that it's time for midterms, but that Rory's not stressing because I guess Rory has suddenly turned into a completely different person whom we've never met before. Rory changes the subject to Lorelai's laundry detergent, which I guess she brought for Rory to use (what a baby!), that is generic enough that Rory figured out Lorelai bought it with (gasp!) coupons. Lorelai is upset that Carol Dandridge ("'Carol Dandruff,' from now on") won the Renoir-girl spot. Rory says this isn't Carol's fault, and Lorelai calls her "Porky Doodie-dridge." Rory says that Lorelai will get to play the Renoir girl, because if they want Rory to be Anthea, then they'll have to let Lorelai play the part she covets. We may not have Emily in this episode, but at least we have her cunning ways.

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