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Monet, Monet

SB excuses himself to call work: he runs a sandwich shop, and the place falls apart when he's gone. This gives Lane, Brian and mfTL time to debate the age difference between themselves and SB. Old jokes ensue. mfTL: "Just say it, dude. Grampa's old." Heh. "He sounded young on the phone," Lane admits. mfTL marvels at SB's crow's feet. "What is he...late thirties?" Brian asks. "Pushing forty," mfTL guesses. "He was alive before man walked on the moon," Brian marvels. I might add that Brian is wearing a t-shirt celebrating an event that happened in 1979, so perhaps he should keep his mouth shut. Lane says they shouldn't be overly dramatic, since SB is a great guitarist, causing mfTL to note that SB's had a lot of time for practice. "And the bicentennial," Brian frets. "He was alive for that!" Lane says that this is the best they've sounded since Dave. Brian: "He was our age when we were born. There were no CDs when he was born." mfTL tells Brian to stop it. Lane says there might be a way to offset his oldness, by putting him in a hat or an AC/DC outfit. "And 1980 is when that guy choked on his own vomit. That's old." Is that a reference to Jimi Hendrix? It can't be John Lennon. Whom does that refer to? Suddenly I feel so young. The band members decide to keep auditioning with SB, but mfTL reminds them that a single vote can keep someone from joining the band. "So one vote against, and he's back at Bingo." Heh. SB comes back in and finishes his cell-phone call. "Kids, man," he says. "In one ear and out the other." He then screams that it's time for them to rock.

Jackson and Sookie's. The house is filled with "sad, droopy balloons." Lorelai has a large selection of ski vests we haven't seen the likes of since Marty McFly escaped the Libyans. Sookie's resting on the couch, following the advice of Bruce, their midwife. Bruce is a lady, and is being portrayed by Rusty Schwimmer, who has been in Six Feet Under, among other things (enter shameless self-serving plug here). Bo enters the living room here, on his own cell-phone call, loudly repeating that it's going to cost another fifty bucks to change his flight again, complaining that it's six-hours' worth of pay. After he hangs up the phone, he notes, "She sounded hot." Heh. Sookie suggests that Bo and Jackson go for a walk and do something. "But there's nothing to do in this hick town," Bo complains. "Not like Bogalusa." Jackson says he needs help picking the zucchini in the back. "Wow, you can cut the sexual tension with a knife," says Lorelai, playing with her gigantic skinny scarf.

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