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Monet, Monet

Speaking of delivery, Sookie sidles up to Luke, who's complaining that he won't make a Last Supper table for those freaks. "Anyone ask you to, Jose?" Lorelai asks. Luke says that they haven't, but that he knows they will. They figure out a way to discuss a townie who isn't even in this episode, Tom the contractor, until Luke asks Sookie if she's having twins. Sookie says she isn't. Luke says she looks like she's having twins. Sookie: "You're gonna make me fall in love with you, Luke." Luke complains that making a table like that with forced perspective would take hours. Lorelai reminds him that nobody's asked him to do it. "Not yet," Luke repeats.

Kirk is still preaching as Lorelai and Sookie walk to find some food. "There might be loaves and fishes," Lorelai says. "I had fish last night," Sookie grumps.

Babette finds Rory getting out of her car and warbles, "Dig those sounds coming out of that garage!" Babette is very impressed with the new guitarist, who she thinks is a total hottie: "Like a long-haired cake!" Rory says that Lane asked her to come down and "drink in the whole picture." Huh. That's two unrelated scenes in one episode with that exact phrase. I wish we'd seen the Babette/SB interaction instead of hearing about it afterward.

Rory is a little shocked at SB's age, but she's clearly impressed with the way the band sounds. She applauds when the song ends. "I gotta go," SB says. "Go rest," mfTL mumbles. SB says that the band's gonna be as famous as Pink Floyd. "Nice topical reference," mfTL chides. SB loads his guitar and leaves, saying they'll talk later. Never in the history of music has one musician broken down and left a building so quickly. Lane asks Rory what she thinks. "He's great," she says. She admits that SB is experienced, and that Babette thinks he's really cute: "So she's got dibs." Rory likes the way he jumped at the end of the song. "I thought he was going to break a hip," says mfTL. Lane says that SB is the band's only prospect. Brian says that the schoolboy outfit is worth a shot. mfTL says the bottom line is: "Dude rocks. But dude's too old." That's that, they decide, and that could be that for the band, too. Lane isn't happy with this decision.

Sookie shows up at Lorelai's house in the middle of the night. "It's not coming out!" Sookie cries. "It's lodged in there. It's stuck, for God's sake. It's not coming out!" She says she's forgotten what it's like not to be expanding, and will soon be the guy from Meaning of Life, exploding and sliming the whole room: "People could die." Lorelai gives Sookie a blanket, but Sookie's too angry about Andrew ("that pasty-faced bastard"). She walks around, jumping and bouncing, complaining that an elephant's gestation period is twenty-two months. Lorelai says that the baby doesn't think that Sookie is an elephant. Sookie says that the baby doesn't know because it's tiny and stupid and floating around in goo and might just think he's supposed to be in there forever. She worries that the elephant that shot something on her at the zoo when she was little shot some kind of gestation juice. That's the grossest sentence I've ever written. Lorelai asks where this freak-out came from. Sookie says that the ship's too big and the bottle's too small. She's been jumping, jiggling, and shimmying for hours, trying to get the baby out. She blames her mom for feeding her too much roughage as a kid, since now the baby's clinging to her rough insides. "I want booze," she says. "I want to give birth!" Lorelai says she'd give Sookie a hug if Sookie would sit still for one second. Sookie asks how Lorelai got her kid out. Lorelai: "I swallowed a map." Sookie asks why mothers never want to pass down their wisdom to other mothers: "You're selfish." Lorelai shows Sookie her baby box, something she made after Rory was born. It's filled with things from the night Rory was born. Her Walkman, with her mix tape of Nena, R.E.M., and Thomspon Twins. The Teen Beat magazine Lorelai was reading that night, debating Andrew McCarthy vs. Emilio Estevez. She pulls out a Bubbilicious necklace and a Chunky wrapper (Sookie takes the wrapper). Lorelai shows off the candy striper who gave her his number and told her to call when she got her figure back. "Sweet-talker," Sookie says. Sookie admits that she liked Emilio better, "'cuz he's kinda nasty." Awesome. Lorelai holds up Rory's first jumper, a Bananarama t-shirt that Lorelai turned into something baby-sized. She says it's the first thing she ever made ever in the post-Gilmore economy. Lorelai says that Rory was the most beautiful pink all over, and even smelled pink: "The first time her eyes focused on me and her little fingers reached out, I was someone new. She had me." Sookie, who is falling asleep, coos, "Emilio." Lorelai: "Rory."

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