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Lorelai and Christopher are getting ready to head out the door for a stay overnight at his place, so clearly things are still moving along between the two of them. Chris is sitting on the couch, making that face that everyone who ever dates Lorelai makes sooner or later, as she goes through the four overnight bags of crap she's toting over there. Including "comfort shoes," which look like anything but, unless Lorelai's living a secret double life as a dominatrix. Except they're not her comfort shoes; they're Paul Anka's: "Chewing on them reminds him of a squirrel carcass." Somewhere, Carrie Bradshaw faints. Lorelai goes on and on about how Paul Anka needs all this stuff in order to be comfortable in unfamiliar surroundings, while the poor dog to whom all this ridiculous diva behavior is constantly being ascribed is just sitting there on the couch next to Chris, looking at him all, "'sup?" Lorelai scampers to another room for a supply of Paul Anka's tennis balls (Penn, new, green), and although we can still hear her babbling, the temporary reduction in volume is a nice break. She comes back telling Chris to watch his tone with the dog, and demonstrates the "proper" tone, revealing that Lorelai is hopelessly confused about the difference between "sweet and dulcet" and "bad brakes." Finally, she and Chris load up and head out, leaving Paul Anka sitting there all, "Hellooo! Pathetic, furry embodiment of Lorelai's empty-nest syndrome still sitting right here!" But then Lorelai remembers to call him before the credits start. Big deal. It's not like we're going to be seeing the dog again tonight anyway.

Rory gets off the elevator at her/Logan's apartment, just as he calls her cell phone to suggest that they watch some meteor shower together. Like, now. I'm no astronomer, but I'm not sure it's possible for two people a quarter of a planet apart to watch the same meteor shower at the same time, even if it's dark in both places. Rory's even less of an astronomer than I am, because she not only doesn't call bullshit on this, she isn't even interested in anything but a regular shower after spending nine hours in the library. But Logan insists, and she doesn't even get to go in the door and drop her crap; instead, he makes her run up the stairs to the roof that very second, schlepping all of her school stuff the whole way. "What has gotten into you?" she wonders as she hits the roof exit. Logan's only answer is "Nice night," because, of course, he's up on the roof waiting for her, in person. Surprise! Also, there are Christmas lights everywhere and tables with food and white tablecloths. Rory drops everything and runs over, thrilled to see him. They kiss as she realizes that there's no meteor shower, and, impressed, remarks, "You used the entire cosmos to trick me." Then she wants to know why Logan's there in the first place, and he plays coy while we try to guess whether he got fired, deported, disowned, or all three. Finally, he reveals that he's in the country on a short business trip -- as in until 10:00 the next night. It seems that Logan and his team at work have been trying to buy some website, and have convinced the owners of the site to have a sit-down over breakfast the next morning. Rory congratulates him, and then there's more kissing. Rory's gone about as long as she can without commenting on all the food she's smelling, and Logan says he brought tapas and a bottle of wine. On seeing the bottle, Rory goes into full oenophile mode: "I bet it's very oaky and corky and full of fruity legs." By which of course she actually means, "Pretty label." They're about to settle down to some wine and tapas, but first Rory throws herself all around Logan one more time in unabashed glee. Neither of them tumbles off the roof.

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