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The Incredible Shrinking Lorelais

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The TiVo says this episode is called "The Incredible Sinking Lorelais." The WB said "Shrinking." You make the call.

Dragonfly. Horses. Bad horse puns. I quote Only 90% Effective, one of my favorite comedy troupes of all time: "My favorite color is horses." Michel isn't a fan of the animal kingdom. They let us know in this scene that the horses haven't been paid for. Lorelai leaves a message on Rory's cell, saying that the horses are named Desdemona and Cletus. Lorelai says she wants them to be the first to ride them, and she hopes that Rory is over the fact that when she rode a horse when she was little, the horse stopped walking and laid down and Rory rolled over into a ditch. Lorelai asks Grumpy Tom the contractor how he likes the horses. Tom calls them "fragrant." Lorelai tells the horse that Tom is very busy.

Inside the Dragonfly, Tom barks a couple of workers back into working, and then tells Sookie, Michel, and Lorelai that hardware arrives tomorrow and he needs someone to be there to approve. Lorelai is busy. So is Sookie. Michel is busy working at the only job that pays him. Lorelai cancels her plans to meet the delivery person. The sound of a phone ringing throws everyone into confusion. Tom hooked up the line this morning. They take their first reservation (remember how dead Stan had already made a reservation?) on a gum wrapper, much to Michel's dismay. Everybody is stoked that the Dragonfly is officially in business. Michel and Sookie debate different gum wrappers while Lorelai looks as elated as she is overwhelmed.

Yale. Rory is leaving a message on Lorelai's cell, and informs her that the horse didn't lie down -- it died: "And then the owner dragged him away by the back legs. Every time I use glue, I think of him." She hangs up and finds Lane, who asks why Rory isn't in her game theory class. No idea what game theory is, and that's why I never went to Yale. ["That's what the Beautiful Mind dude was all about, isn't it?" -- Wing Chun] Rory needs to rest, because she was up late working on a paper. Lane has become rather maternal and protective over Rory, and tells her that she needs sleep. She tells Rory to go lie down and stay off drugs. I wish Lane started hanging around the music building and then started pretending she was a Yale student, and went to classes and then suddenly she had her own spinoff, where she's a fake Yale student who's going to win Battle of the Bands.

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