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Emily's. Here's what I don't understand. If you know you're going to lunch with your frantic mother who will be scrutinizing the hair you couldn't get done in time, wouldn't you pull it up into a bun or a French twist, or some clips? Why let it all hang down in a mess? I mean, how helpless is Lorelai? She wears this rocking dress that's a little inappropriate for lunch with your grandmother and hair that looks like it's knotted and filthy. I just turned into a grandmother on that last sentence. Sorry. Gran asks Emily what's the matter with Lorelai's hair. She says that if Lorelai had gotten proper notice of Gran's arrival, Lorelai would have done something with her hair. Lorelai tries to take the blame, but Gran assumes that Lorelai is covering for her mother. She tells Emily to fetch her daughter a drink. Gran asks about Rory. Lorelai says that Rory's perfect: hair perfect, grades perfect, perfect, perfect: "Studying her butt off." Gran says that's charming. Heh. Gran says that Gilmores have quite a legacy to live up to at Yale. Lorelai says that Gran's legacy is safe with Rory. The latest maid arrives with a bowl of nuts. "Mom!" Emily shouts. "Here are the nuts!" Gran feigns heart palpitations, and mocks over-enthusiasm for the rest of the scene. She tells Emily that she needn't announce to the entire neighborhood that the nuts have arrived. I love Gran because she is hysterical in her jabs, and Emily needs a little bit of her own medicine every once in a while. Gran says to Lorelai, "Strange woman! So excited about nuts!"

Richard and Digger arrive together. As they chat about Florida, Lorelai gives her mom an understanding pat to the thigh. "Would you like a nut?" Gran asks Richard quietly. "They seem to be very important to your wife." Whee! Richard just now notices Lorelai and seems to think she somehow snuck into the room. Richard is growing an ugly mustache. "The Ferrari arrives Tuesday," Emily says. Heh. Digger's facial mess is getting worse. Richard introduces Digger. Digger has brought Gran a present. Gran stares at it and asks what's in it. Digger tells her that it's a book on French antiques, since he'd heard she likes them. "I do like French antiques," she says, like a challenge. She stares at Digger, who puts the gift down and tells her she can open it later. It is then that Gran softens just a little, but she doesn't want to show her approval just yet. Digger, however, has no idea how to deal with this woman who doesn't flirt and blush and coo like other ladies do. Lorelai gets a cell-phone call, and Gran tells her she isn't allowed to answer the phone in front of company. Lorelai turns off her phone. Gran suggests that they take turns guessing how long it'll be before lunch is served.

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