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Rory is upset to get her mom's voicemail. She hangs up without leaving a message, grabs her keys, and leaves her room, slamming the door.

Lorelai sneaks into the study to check her messages. Digger follows, asking if it's anything important. Lorelai says it's a hang-up. Digger chats about globes, and how important characters in movies always have globes in their studies. "You're hiding from my grandmother, aren't you?" Lorelai asks. Digger: "She is scarier than Nick Nolte's mug shot!" Lorelai hooks an arm around his head and pulls him back to the luncheon.

In the hallway, Gran informs Lorelai that they've decided just to go sit at the table and hope the food eventually arrives by wish fulfillment. Emily offers to go check on it, but Gran doesn't want to disturb the cook, who's "obviously in the middle of a crossword puzzle." They sit. Lorelai tells Gran that she had to check her messages because of all the construction going on at the inn. Gran asks Richard if he's seen the inn. Richard admits that he and Emily haven't yet. Lorelai says it's a mess right now, and that they'll see it when it opens. Gran asks when that would be. "Soon," Lorelai says. Gran: "I see you measure time like your mother." Emily asks if she may go check on the food. Gran asks Lorelai how much money she's invested in the inn. Lorelai says it's a chunk. Gran asks about Lorelai's projected timetable for getting her chuck out. Lorelai hopes to break even in the first year and turn a profit in the second year, since their town has a regular tourist trade. Digger says that bed and breakfasts can be real money factories. Gran: "Yes, and wonderful places to put all those French antiques." Digger and Gran share a priceless look here. He wants to get her; she knows him all too well. Lorelai says they just booked their first reservation, and that they have to be ready by May 8th. Gran asks how the money's holding up. Lorelai says she has enough money left to finish. Gran stares Lorelai down and concludes, "You're in trouble." Lorelai looks away and says she's not. Gran says she can see in Lorelai's eyes that she's hemorrhaging money, and that it must be costing a fortune to get a contractor to stick to a projected completion date, while she's not working. Emily says this isn't the best time to discuss this. Gran says that if they were eating, they'd have something else to do, but since they aren't, this is the time to discuss it. Gran scolds Richard for not taking care of his daughter when she needs help the most, and reminds Richard that she helped him and Emily when they were starting out, and helped pay for this house by bailing him out when he made an unwise investment at Lorelai's age. Richard says he built two extremely successful businesses without any of her help, and that he doesn't appreciate her throwing back in his face, many years later, how she once helped him out financially. Gran tells him not to raise his voice at her. The maid tries to serve lunch, but Emily sends her away, and then reminds Richard how they paid Gran back in two months. Gran says she's leaving the table. Richard offers to help her with her chair.

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