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Welcome back, everybody. The "previously" this time goes way back into Season Three, so I'm just going to assume you've all read these here recaps I bust my butt on all for you. Mad props to the pretty ladies I met in early December, who made me feel like a rock star.

We open with Lorelai and Rory walking through the snowy street(s) of Stars Hollow, on their way to Luke's. As ever, they are debating something not quite worth the effort of transcribing verbatim for you. In this case, it's concerning the word "cul de sac," and what happens when you want to pluralize it. It's "culs de sac," but Lorelai had never heard of that, so she must argue about it for the next three minutes or so. Lorelai is wearing a very long purple scarf. It's so long it has won the Hollywood Scarf Competition of 2004 -- a contest I was in the running for -- but seeing as how Lauren Graham is probably half a foot taller than I am and her scarf is dragging on the fake-slushy streets, that scarf's probably twice my size. Congrats, costume department. I bow down before your supremacy. Lorelai asks if the plural of "yo-yo" is "yos-yo." This will go on.

Luke's. Lane is the new Jess, and she does it more nicely and more prettily. Why hasn't Lane always been working at Luke's? That would have satisfied many of our Lane cravings. Rory tells us that Lane's been working here for a couple of days now, and that when she brought in an application, Luke even gave her an interview. By "interview," however, she means that Luke and Lane stared at each other in silence for five minutes before Luke asked Lane how she was doing. Lane said "good," and then he gave her the job. Rory sits like I do when I wear a skirt, which is why I try not to wear skirts too often. Lorelai wonders what kind of stuff they'll be privy to now that they've got someone working on the inside. Lorelai says he might keep secret things back there in the storeroom and kitchen. "A showgirl costume," Rory guesses. "Extra jelly packets? Butter? Discarded day-old bread?" Rory says that's the stuff they get when they go dumpster-diving. Lorelai notes that this will be easier on their shoes.

Luke walks up at this point, complaining about Lane the SuperWaitress. Lorelai wonders if the plural of pancakes is "panscake." Luke says it's not going to work out with Lane: "She's too good." He doesn't know why she took the job: "I mean, I totally blew the interview." Hee. Lane bounces up and greets Lorelai and Rory, before asking if Luke's got it. He says he has. Lane runs back to the kitchen, telling Cesar he needs to hurry up with an order. Luke complains that Lane once cleaned the menus during a lull, without being asked. Lorelai asks if that should be "mens-u." Luke knows this job won't be challenging enough for Lane, and that she'll get bored. Lorelai suggests that Luke buy her a chemistry set. "Or a foosball table," Rory adds.

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