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Rory's A Material Girl

At the poolhouse, Richard has decided to treat the girls with a little grilled meat to accompany their martinis in the hour he gets them on Friday nights, before they have dinner with Emily. Rory loves steak so much, she suggests that they form a club about how much they love steak-on-a-stick. That's Rory, always trying to find the most exclusive club to join. Maybe then she can do another exposé -- this one on the steak-on-a-stick club. Richard says they could get t-shirts printed for their club, which I have now named The Rich Skewers, prompting Rory to comment that she's never seen her grandfather wear a t-shirt. Richard says he's never found a proper occasion for one. Lorelai toasts to the proper occasion, but that's just because she wants to drink her booze.

Emily storms in, furious that Richard has found a loophole in their agreement. By giving the girls food before Emily does, Richard's ruining their appetites, an impossibility with those two. She rips the skewer out of Lorelai's mouth ("Mom, that's mine," Lorelai quietly whines), and accuses Richard of cheating. Richard calls her paranoid. As Richard and Emily bicker over who gets more time with the girls, Lorelai and Rory pout at each other. Oh, like these girls don't live for moments when people fight for their affection and attention. Emily gives the girls each a pointed finger, and tells them they'd better still be hungry when they come over, "or else!" She almost took out Lorelai's eye with that finger. "Or else!" Lorelai whispers to Rory. The girls decide to eat all of the appetizers, since Emily's just so upset about it. I'm surprised Richard or Emily would use a word like "appetizer."

So once the girls are at Emily's dinner table, they are somehow stuffed from the meat sticks, and unable to eat much more of Emily's meal. Emily snits that she knew this would happen, since Richard already fed them dinner: "Or as he calls it, 'Appetizers.'" The girls protest, saying they're so hungry and they love the food and carrots are delicious. Emily asks the maid to drop another round of food on the girls' plates, seeing as how they're so famished. Ooh, Lorelai's dress is pretty. It's got an open neckline, but comes in just a little bit at the neck. If I put that thing on, it would look like my boobs were in a dialogue bubble.

A phone rings, and Emily immediately barks at Lorelai. But it's Rory's cell phone, and unbelievably, Rory says she has to take the call and runs out of the room. Emily asks Lorelai whom Rory's talking to. Lorelai says she doesn't know, and that there's no reason why she would. "Well, you're the one who taught her to leave her cell phone on at the dinner table," Emily says. "That's for safety, Mom," Lorelai says. "In case someone tries to make her eat five chickens and she has to call 911." Emily says it sounds like Rory's talking to a boy: "Does she have a new boyfriend? Did she finally meet someone at Yale?" Lorelai says she doesn't know, but Emily isn't buying it. Rory comes back in and apologizes, saying that won't happen again. Emily asks whom she's talking to. Rory: "Dean. You remember Dean?" Emily: "The boy who made you the car? I didn't know you were still seeing him." Rory says they "got back together" recently. That's one way of putting it, I guess. Emily asks Lorelai to concur that the news is quite a surprise. Lorelai says she's floored, and then Rory -- who somehow got into Yale with that clueless noggin of hers -- gives Lorelai a confused look. She tells Emily that Dean's been working "crazy shifts" lately, to afford alimony, and Rory's been busy pretending to go to Yale, so they've had a hard time scheduling time together. Emily thanks her for telling her about Dean: "I'm just glad I got to hear it from you and didn't have to pick it up on the street somewhere." Lorelai says she knows how much Emily hangs out on the streets: "You and Melrose Larry Green." Emily asks Rory if she's happy with "this Dean." Rory says she is. Emily makes a face like she just licked a penny and says, "Well, good." She tells the girls to eat up before the fish course: "Olga makes a mean pickled herring." Ew. Lorelai calls that skill "delightful."

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