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All Dressed In...Blush?
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It's breakfast time at Luke's, and Kirk needs more coffee. Instead of asking for some, he stands and walks behind the counter to refill his cup. Luke wonders aloud what the hell he is doing, and Kirk said he figured he could serve himself since he saw Lorelai do it the other day. "Lorelai is my fiancée," Luke says, pissed. Kirk asks if the rule is that only people Luke is sleeping with can go behind the counter. "Go behind the counter" --is that what the kids are calling it these days? Luke says yes, that's the rule. "Well," Kirk shrugs, "I don't really know you that well, Luke. I mean, I know what you do for a living, and I know you're a Scorpio and you smell okay, but we've never really connected on a deeper level." Eek. I can't even laugh. The two of them connecting on a deeper will spawn the scariest fanfic since...ever. I can see the titles now: Nutsack Fountain...oh my God. I'm so sorry. We'll move on.

Through the door come Lorelai and Rory, already jabbering in the Gilmorian way. "Why, I believe it's those adorable Gilmore girls," Rory says, all smiles and wearing a sideways airbrushed trucker hat that reads "Atlantic City." They are, as Lorelai says, still flying high on their Atlantic City buzz -- they went there to do a belated birthday celebration for Rory in the way they had always planned. They recap the trip for Luke (after Rory gives him an awkward hug) and Lorelai has a swig of coffee. "What's different?" she asks. Rory: "No Kahlua." Apparently, there was a lot of drinking on their little escapade. "First of all," Lorelai says, "video poker is my calling. I think that I'm totally going to dedicate my life to it." Luke smiles as they tell him all about how they did the trip according to their plans. They played 21 and bought their twenty-one items and got twenty-one guys' phone numbers. "I must say," Lorelai says, "I'm pretty proud of how quickly we got them, and also that no one questioned us when we said our names were Wendy and Lisa." Luke asks how the Paul Anka (the human) show went, since that had been all they talked about before they left, and they sadly report that they had been mistaken and that his show had already closed. Their alternate choices, Lorelai says, were Journey without its original singer, INXS without its original singer, Queen get it, and strangely enough, the James Brown Band without James Brown. Aw, man. They should have jumped on that Journey show. Y'all know I love Steve Perry, but that new guy is allegedly awesome, as well. Anyway, Rory says they did wind up seeing Tony Danza, tapdancing. "Why Taxi never ended up using his musical comedy skills is astonishing," Rory says, awkwardly and with awkward sentence structure. Despite the absolute tragedy of missing him live, they were able to score Luke a Paul Anka t-shirt anyway. "Wear it tonight," Lorelai says, all sexy, as she hands it over to Luke.

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