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The Prodigal Daughter Returns

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Luke's My Daddy
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This has got to be the craziest episode ever of this show. It was pretty good, yes, but there were many words. Isn't The WB the channel I watch when I want to see long montages of scenes with the latest Liz Phair sellout song playing in the background? Where was that this week? I know, I know. The dialogue is what we love on this show, but jeez, it seemed in this episode like each actor was in a race with himself to get all the words out before the next Supernatural commercial.

Lorelai arrives home to find her front door chained. She considers this to be odd, since she did not have a chain on her door before. She calls for Luke to let her in. "Lorelai?" he answers from within the house. "Noooo," she says. "Landshark. Candygram. Here's Johnny." Luke tells her to stay there, and arrives at the door with a glass of wine to welcome her in. He's celebrating: the house is done. I would like to poor a tub of wine to celebrate, too, but Lorelai feels differently. She seems skeptical. Surely the guys will need to come back and put on socket covers and fix mouldings and pick up their tools. Luke says nope: he gave the crew a big bonus to finish up early. Lorelai finally admits that she's sad. She wanted to have a party to celebrate. "The place was covered with dust," Luke says. "You were getting woken up at 6 AM every morning [sic] from the hammering. I thought you'd be happy." Lorelai says she is, but that she's sad at the same time: "You've never been with a woman before?" Hee. Luke is flabbergasted, but says in kind of a sexy voice that he has another surprise for her upstairs in the bedroom. "Upstairs in the bedroom?" Lorelai repeats. "Whatever could it be?" Luke takes her up, telling her to close her eyes before going in the room. "I'm not scared of it anymore, Luke," she jokes, and he opens the door to reveal...the craziest, darkest, heaviest bedroom suite you can imagine. It is immediately evident that Lorelai hates it, but she puts her game face on. "Wow..." she says, in pain. "Look at all the cherubs." Luke says he wanted to surprise her with it because he remembered she said she liked it after she saw it that one time in his storage unit five years ago. She clearly has no recollection of that event, but doesn't say anything since he seems so excited. He also has some tragically ugly sailboat pictures he's planning to hang. A little secret: this is one of the hardest parts of being married. If you're lucky, your stuff fits together well and not much will have to be thrown out. But if, say, your husband is from south Jersey and he is an historian who appreciates only furniture that weighs three tons and has visible wood knots, no matter how ugly it also may be.... What I'm saying is: Lorelai, I feel your pain.

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