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Lorelai catches on that uh, maybe none of this is about a plane. Emily goes off. She's tired of Lorelai's attitude, she says. "You look at me as a thing of amusement," she adds, Lorelai protesting all the way. "Something to be pitied, to feel sorry for." She self-mocks about all her parties and frivolous spending and how everyone makes fun of her for it, but Lorelai insists that no one thinks that. "It's my fault that Rory dropped out of Yale," Emily says, all sarcastic and martyrish. "It's my fault that she's with Logan, that she's unhappy. It's all my fault." Lorelai has a look of great pity when she says that it wasn't Emily's fault at all. "The way she talked to me," Emily says bitterly of Rory. "You would have been very proud." Lorelai is sad. "No," she says, but Emily goes on: "She looked at me just like you used to, with that defiant 'who are you to be telling me what to do' sort of look." She says that Rory packed and left with no thank-you or goodbye. She is crying, and Lorelai feels bad. "Mom..." she starts, but Emily stops her with a hysterical "Just let me buy my plane, Lorelai! Let me be frivolous and shallow, won't you please?!" Lorelai lets it go. "Okay," she says, with quiet kindness, and makes to leave. Turning, she adds, "It's not the same, Mom, what happened with Rory. It's not the same." Emily sighs, and damn, Kelly Bishop is outstanding here: "I lost her like I lost you. It feels remarkably similar to me." Lorelai shakes her head. "You didn't lose her like you lost me. She was never supposed to be there in the first place. She was always supposed to be at school. She just went back where she belonged." Leaving now as Emily starts crying again, Lorelai adds, "And you didn't lose me."

Back at the paper, Rory is sticking to her guns. Wultz charges out with her portfolio, which he has found in his office, and admonishes her, seriously, for coming into his office when he wasn't there. "Stay out of my office," he tells her, but finally breaks down after seeing her disappointed yet again. "Five minutes," he says. Rory is excited. "Did you like it?" she asks. "I don't see you moving" is his answer, as she trots after him, thanking him profusely. ["Appalling. In the real world, how that would work is that Wultz would have called Security on Rory after about the second day of stalking, and that Rory's unprofessional behaviour would totally obliterate the good impression Wultz had of her, and she would lose his great reference for her. I hope the employers of America file a class-action suit against the Palladinos for making every idiotic, inexperienced would-be employee think that 'I don't have a job for you' means 'you need to pester me about it a lot more and then one will magically create itself out of thin air.'" -- Wing Chun]

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