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At the Grandparents', Emily is sitting at the breakfast table reading the paper alone when Rory strolls by in her zoo jumpsuit, apparently on her way to her community service. Rory is on her way back out, muffin in hand, when Emily commands Sumatra, the maid, to get Rory a plate for her breakfast. Rory explains to Sumatra that she is in a hurry and is going up to her room. Emily gets mad and says that all foods are to be consumed in the dining room and nowhere else: that's the rule. Rory gets mad, too, and sets down the muffin, saying, "Fine," and that she'll be back that afternoon.

In the kitchen at the Dragonfly, Sookie is mixing stuff up for cooking when Lorelai comes in. "I have to go to China," Sookie says. Without asking why, Lorelai tells her to enjoy her flight. "I need inspiration! I need ideas!" Sookie continues. "I'm tapped out. Boring!" She says the only thing she could up with for dinner that night was goose with oyster stuffing, and the only reason she thought of that was because Davey just learned duck-duck-goose, "and the ducks looked puny." Lorelai tells her to say hi to Yao Ming for Lorelai, and invites Sookie to a little housewarming party Saturday night at Lorelai's place to celebrate the completion of the renovations. "It's done!" Sookie says, happy for her. "Saturday night!" Lorelai says yes, she's heard "it's all right for fighting, get a little action in." Sookie is very excited for her, but has to ask, when she sees the expression on her face, why Lorelai isn't. Lorelai puts it to her hypothetically. Suppose, she says, Jackson came home with his grandmother's pots and pans, which he felt very sentimental about. Obviously, the pans are free and all, but they're really old and they have fat cherubs carved on them. Sookie, trying to follow, asks whether the cherubs interfere with the cooking function, or if they're just decorative. "Well, 'decorative' is a wildly generous description," Lorelai says, "but the function's fine." Sookie wonders where her old pots and pans went, and when Lorelai says that Babette's nephew is now sleeping on them, she finally has to explain that she's talking about Luke's grandmother's bed and how much she hates it. Sookie makes a sympathetic face as Lorelai barrels on. Luke's done so much for her, she says, listing off his many gestures of love: "He has turned his whole life upside down for me. He does everything in his power to make me happy and give me what I want, so can't I give him this one little thing?" Sookie cheers that, yes, she can. "No," Lorelai says, "I can't." The bed is way too small,and low: "Just perfect for tiny, shrunken limbs that can't be too far off the ground." She goes on about the original, warped glass in the dresser and how every morning when she wakes up she'll look in the mirror and think she's that kid from Mask. She feels really bad about it, because Luke loves the stuff, but she just wants her new house to be perfect. She already had a bunch of old, crappy hand-me-downs from the old Independence Inn and she really wanted something new. She warns Sookie that she'll see what she means Saturday night, and we cut away...

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