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Luke's My Daddy

Lorelai's Saturday-night housewarming is in full effect as she and Sookie set the table for dinner. Sookie is wearing possibly the weirdest dress-over-jeans-plus-sweater combo ever to be seen on television. I love the colors, but that's just a lot of layers, really. Plus, whenever I see anyone attempting to rock this particular trend, I can only laugh and think of my elementary school, where the girls had to wear dresses or skirts but could, on cold days, wear pants underneath. So, though I wore something remarkably similar in the second grade at Shades Mountain Christian, I question the necessity of wearing such things as an adult. Sookie has brought a chicken and dumplings to the house (though Luke is currently grilling outside), and puts her dish in the oven. "I never go anywhere without a casserole," she says. Lorelai: "Must make dining out rather awkward." Yes, and it must make being friends with people rather awkward, as well, when you show up their house as an invited guest for dinner and bring food.

Jackson and Luke come in from grilling, Jackson yelling at Luke about there being no shame in using a charcoal chimney on the grill. Luke counters that real men do not use charcoal chimneys, and I see a tear fall from the eye of my real-man husband, who loves Luke but must now break up with him forever, because even such powerful manlove cannot trump his devotion to his charcoal chimney, the use of which was taught to him by his true amour, Alton Brown. Jackson says that not using one makes the grilling take twice as long, but hey, "just go ahead and rub those sticks together, I'll just go learn a language or something." HA! Why is every scene between Luke and Jackson so contentious? Jackson wonders if Luke has a spray bottle to spray the flames down if they get too high, "or do you just use a hose?" Lorelai cracks that Luke actually just uses his man-breath to blow them out. "And then he challenges them to an arm-wrestling contest," Sookie adds. Lorelai: "And then he insults the flames' mother and sleeps with its girlfriend." Good one, ladies. When the fellas go back out to finish the manly grilling, Sookie makes Lorelai take her up to see the bedroom set: "I wana see the creepy granny bed." Lorelai sighs, saying she's trying to rise above it, but Sookie insists. They head upstairs. "It's..." Sookie starts. Lorelai: "Terrible?" Sookie nods: "Reeeeallly terrible." Lorelai says she's convinced that Luke will get up one night to go to the bathroom and come back to find nothing but a bloody hook hanging from the bed post. Yet, she says, she can't tell him she hates it, because she knows he loves it. Sookie points at various features of the furniture, saying that surely Luke has not seen THAT, and they leave as the phone rings.

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