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Luke's My Daddy

Later, in Luke's old apartment, Lorelai shows up with a plate of food. "Once we're married," she says, "you're not going to be able to run away to your clubhouse anymore. You're gonna have to join a Rotisserie baseball league like the rest of the men." Luke smirks. "When we're married, huh?" he says. "When's that gonna be?" Poor Luke. ["Okay, but that's the kind of comment that might make me answer, 'Never, bitch.'" -- Wing Chun] Luke goes on to say that he's never going to be comfortable with Christopher being in Lorelai's life. (He says "Christophuh" like he's on The Sopranos. Fuckin' Christophuh.) Lorelai sighs that Chris will always be in her life, since he's Rory's dad (except he hardly is, really), and that she swears she has not heard from him in a year. Luke sternly says that they cannot hide things from each other, and that even though he's not going to like Christopher calling, Lorelai has to tell him, because their marriage won't work if they don't tell each other everything. Everything. Did he mention he wants them to share everything? Because, yes, he's mentioned it now a few dozen times, hello, and I just want you to notice now, because this anvil I am holding up over here is getting heavy. Luke asks again if Lorelai really hates the bedroom set, and she shudders, expressing her true hatred. She apologizes for yelling it at him during dinner. Oh, yeah, dinner -- the light bulb seems to come on, and Luke asks how Sookie and Jackson are. "I think they enjoyed watching a show for once that didn't have Laa-Laa playing the guitar." Luke smiles. "Come here," he says, and Lorelai moves into his lap to do a little bit from Bad Santa. As they ACTUALLY KISS, Luke repeats that they have to share all their secrets. So, Lorelai gives it up: in fifth grade, she told all her friends at school that Erik Estrada was her boyfriend, and that they used to make out on his motorcycle.

At the offices of the Stamford paper, Rory waits in the lobby. Wultz shows up and is surprised to see her there, especially when she says she's come to see him about a job. He explains to her again that he does not have any jobs available, but she's not having it. She gives him the high-pressure sale, including her resume and a HUGE portfolio. He remains confused: he's told her a few times now that he has no openings. "I know, but see, earlier today on the phone," she says, "you were so positive, and optimistic, and you said so many nice things. I mean, frankly, you made me sound great! So great that I thought, 'Hey, you should hire that girl.'" Cute, but Rory, he's not going for it, so perhaps...shutting up? No? Of course not. The bottom line, Rory says, is that Mitchum was wrong. She knows this paper backward and forward and she's a good writer and, as an attractive bonus, she's willing to work cheap. Now, many of the good people of the GG forum were highly wrought over this (and subsequent) scene(s) of Rory's aggression on this matter. I have to say, though, that I kind of like it. ["So fired." -- Wing Chun] I think they flog it way too hard, but I like that Rory's doing this. I wish she had been as forthright with her family and not moved out of her grandparents' house in secret, but I think this is Good Rory, if perhaps disguised as Pushy Rory. She begs for five minutes of time, saying she's most concerned about finding the right place for herself. "Well, it's not the right place for you," he says, frustrated, "because I have no place for you!" He refuses her request for time and walks away as she remains, determined to wait.

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