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At the Dragonfly, Michel is complaining about having to restock the bookshelves. "What is wrong with people?" he asks. "Don't they know the written word is dead?" Lorelai corrects him: "Books are back. Oprah says." He goes on to tell her that someone has called wanting a job reference for Rory. "I said very nice things," he said. "I did not mention how she used to steal stamps and sit in my chair, and I said she was a very hard worker, and now you owe me the weekend off." Lorelai is confused. She wants to know all about it, but of course Michel doesn't remember anything about the call, and they don't have time to get into it because Lorelai's cell phone rings. It's her father, frantic, trying to find Emily. He says that her bed doesn't look slept in, to which Lorelai answers that the maids probably made it after she got up. "Your mother fired the maid," he says. He hasn't heard from her for a few days, and he's very worried about that, and about the fact that Rory has moved out. Lorelai gets worried, too. She charges into the kitchen -- where Sookie is making something fairly delicious-looking -- all flustered. She explains about the call from her dad and all this stuff with Rory and, declaring that she's determined to find out what's going on, grabs her coat and heads out.

Lorelai arrives at Lane's, looking for Rory. pfTL immediately and rudely jumps on her about Rory staying with them and using all their stuff. "Didn't you guys use my garage as rehearsal space rent-free for about two years?" Lorelai asks. Brian meekly says that it was three, actually. "So, I'll tell you what, Zach," she replies. "Why don't I give you forty dollars for Rory, and you can give me $1,200 for the garage. What do you think? Have we got a deal?" pfTL backpedals, saying he was joking, and he's lucky that Lorelai's phone rings again, before she comes in and eats his face off. It's Emily on the phone, and Lorelai tells her to stay where she is; she's coming to find her.

Turns out, Emily's at the airport, looking at a plane to buy. Lorelai boards, calling out for her. "I'm in the cockpit," Emily says. Lorelai: "Add that to the list of things I never thought I'd hear my mother say." Emily explains that she and Richard might buy the plane on timeshare with a few other couples, and that she'd use it to travel with Richard for work. Lorelai says she can do that now, without buying a plane. ["Why in the world would you try to dissuade someone you knew from buying any part of a private plane? Not to have to sit at a gate anymore? Not to have to get to the airport three hours early to go through a hellacious line at Customs? Not to get that princely six cubic inches of leg room? Let the woman buy the plane, Lorelai, and then borrow the hell out of it! Damn!" -- Wing Chun] Well, Emily says, she could use it for other things, or Luke and Lorelai could use it, or whatever. She's obviously losing it, but Lorelai pushes, saying that Richard is very worried about Emily, and that she needs to go home. Instead, Emily starts going on about how all the fabric in the plane is horrible and will have to be changed. Lorelai reminds her that if it's a timeshare, she won't be able to change it, anyway, and Emily flips, and says that she'll buy the whole damn plane, herself. ["Yes! Now we're talking!" -- Wing Chun]

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