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The three store owners are recapping their night at the bookstore. Jess and the other guy harass Matthew for not controlling his poet, who was rambling on about how he desired Golda Meir. "Please," Jess begs, "tell me that was symbolic." Jess, by the way, is wearing a Dinosaur Jr. t-shirt under a blazer, which...well, that's perfect for Jess in a lot of melodramatic ways. The other guys leave, and, lo and behold, Rory is there, the last person in the store.

Jess goes to sit with Rory, and they talk about his book. He's self-deprecating and she's complimentary and they smile at each other, and soon some smooching goes down. Rory seems into it at first, but quickly pulls away. Jess is confused. She says she's sorry and that she's such a jerk. He asks what she's talking about. "I couldn't even cheat on him," she says, "the way he cheated on me." Jess is even more confused. "Who cheated on y-- that guy?" he asks, disbelieving. She nods, saying that they're still together. "I hate this," Jess says, pissed. "I don't deserve this, Rory." She agrees, wholeheartedly: "No, you don't. You don't deserve it. I just...I'm in love with him." She shrugs, and I have never wished for her and Jess to get together more than I do right now. Ugh, Rory. "Despite all the bad he's done," she says, "I can't help it. I'm in love with him." Jess shakes his head. "I guess I'll call Matthew's poet," he says, "and have him explain love to me. Poets know all about it, right?" Rory says she guesses they do, and says she'd better go. "I'm so sorry I came here," she tells Jess, sincerely apologetic. "I'm not," he says, wearing that Dinosaur Jr. shirt for all it's worth. "It's what it is." As she leaves, he tells her that if it makes her feel any better, she can always tell Logan that they did something. Double ugh. She thanks him, and leaves.

Luke is on the school bus again, sitting up front with the parents. He volunteers to hand out the Amish country brochures and hands April a sweater, saying that he thought she might need it. Turning back to go up front, Luke hears April tell her friend that "my dad is ridiculously overprotective." He smiles.

In her house, Lorelai stands before Mrs. Kim's horrible wedding dress. With a cup of coffee, as the Sparks' "Angst in My Pants" blares gorgeously loud in the background, she circles the offending garment. Finally, she stops back in front, smiles a simple smile, and in one quick move, covers the thing with coffee, and we go out on her satisfied smile. Awesome.

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