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Cesar is still panicking, saying his main concern is that his elbow will lock up while he's working the grill. "And Luke," he says, "is the only one who knows how to rub it to get it working again." Lorelai looks at Luke, who immediately puts in that the elbow thing is like a sports injury, thus making it not gay. Yes, that's what all those guys snapping towels at each others' naked asses in locker rooms across the nation say, too. Lorelai assures Cesar that he'll do a great job, even going so far to tell him that his pancakes are better than Luke's, and the two lovebirds -- and here I am speaking of Luke and Lorelai, not Luke and Cesar's elbow, which have a better relationship -- say their farewells. They even have a goodbye kiss which seems fairly genuine. Gee, Palladinos, don't go crazy with the romance, okay? We wouldn't want anyone to think that Luke and Lorelai liked each other. Meanwhile, Cesar seems to have pulled himself together and says that he'll be fine. "Good," Luke says, pointing to the diner window. "Now go back in there and reclaim your turf." Confused, Cesar turns to see the ultimate nightmare: Kirk, in his personal hairnet, serving customers.

Later, Luke and April arrive at her school and prepare to get on the bus. Luke tells her he's bad with names and will need her help to remember all the kids. April asks whether he ever uses mnemonic devices to help him remember things. "Uh," says the man who knew what a 'zine was, "maybe?" April explains: "Like, Curtis Shrand, he's from Kurdistan." Luke is amazed. "He is?" he asks. "No," April says. "He's from Detroit. That's a mnemonic device." She gives him a few more to use, and he seems to catch on. "And those," she says, pointing to the other chaperones, "are your fellow Gr'ups." Luke is again confused. "Grown-ups," April explains. "You never saw the original Star Trek?" She points out her math teacher, Mr. Munster, and says that he's a good guy, but a little nerdy. "Likes to wow us with his Chris Rock impersonation," she says. "It's borderline racist." Luke awkwardly goes to meet the other adults, who immediately assume, since he is dressed like a Vietnam veteran and hasn't shaved, that he is the bus driver. Luke says no, he's not the driver and explains that he did, in fact, bring nicer clothes. Shows you, Luke. They introduce the math teacher, whom they assume Luke has already met. "Actually, no," Luke says. "I'm April's new father. I mean, not new, but new to her, so...hey." The teacher says that April is very bright. "Go figure," Luke jokes, which is, indeed, stupid, and is saved from further awkwardness by April leaning out the bus window. "Hey, Luke," she says. "Some people in here are wondering who you are." Luke tells her to go ahead and explain to them, so she does. "That's Luke," she says, disappearing back into the bus. The other chaperones give him the detailed itinerary, which is broken down into crazy detail. Porn, by the way, will be blocked at all their lodgings. Dang!

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