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We cut away to the unhappy home of Rory and Logan. She stayed up late studying, she says, and had to get up early. Apparently, their paths aren't crossing too much, lately. Rory seems unconcerned. She brushes off Logan's request for a lunch date, and awkwardly shies away from kissing him goodbye on her way out.

Back on the bus, the kids go through an awesome, out-of-tune-like-only-twelve-year-olds-can-sing-it rendition of "The Elements," which leaves Luke, sitting in the back with April, wondering what he's gotten himself into. They listen while a kid a few rows back reels off a seemingly endless string of numbers. "That's Frank," April says, rolling her eyes. "Always rubbing our faces in the fact that he knows the first three hundred digits of Pi." April goes on to ask the girl across the aisle whether she brought the sweater she borrowed from April on the trip. "It's important, Marsha," she says. "I need that sweater." A boy a row ahead of them turns and asks whether it's April's lucky sweater, or something. She swiftly shoots him down: "No, Freddy." Poor ol' Freddy turns back around, duly chastised. The girls start talking about Mr. Munster, now, and his gross lucky tie and how there's probably lucky underwear to match. "Oh," April says, "mental image, be gone." Freddy takes another shot at being social and turns around to say that Munster claims to be a Red Sox fan, but didn't even know that the team traded Damon to the Yankees. Ah, a subject Luke can relate to. He and Freddy bond over the newly shorn Damon while April looks on, horrified. "Nice kid," Luke says, when he and Freddy have exhausted Steinbrenner's motives. "Yeah," April says, reluctant to agree. "Uh, I should study."

Lorelai is at the Inn directing a pair of guests to the stables when Mrs. Kim arrives. "You let women ride horses?" the latter asks, disgusted. Lorelai doesn't even blink: "Yes." There is an unprecedented moment of silence as she does not go on, and even I pause and applaud this, the first time in the history of this program that someone has (a) answered a question directly; and (b) responded with anything less than a five hundred word mini-thesis on, like, the comic use of horses in the filmography of Buster Keaton. Mrs. Kim recovers from the shock of Lorelai letting ten seconds of quiet go by, and indicates the huge garment bag she's holding, saying that it contains the wedding dress she wore in her wedding to the never-seen Mr. Kim, many years ago. "Mm, khaki with a big zipper down the middle?" Lorelai jokes about the garment bag. "Fashion is a fluctuating thing, huh?" Har, har. Mama Kim is not in the mood for jokes. She says she'd like Lane to wear this dress in her wedding, and would like Lorelai to alter it to fit Lane. Lorelai says she would love to -- "Anything for her" -- and adds that she'll call Lane in for a fitting. I have to take a moment and say that the fact that Lorelai can sew is one of my favorite things about her. I just like that part of her character, that she learned to sew out of necessity and can make cool stuff. That kind of detail, among its many other (not lately seen) positive aspects, is what makes this show cool. Anyway, Mrs. Kim says it won't be necessary to bring Lane in, since she has her measurements written down. She hands the dress over to Lorelai, but is still stuck on the horrifying reality of the women riding horses. "Do they," she asks, "at least ride side saddle?" Lorelai's eyes widen. "Yes," she says. "Every single one of them." Satisfied, Mrs. Kim leaves, and Lorelai gets a look at the dress. She gasps in horror.

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