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"Is it your life's mission," Logan smarmily asks Rory once they're alone, "to embarrass me at every opportunity you get?" Shut up, Logan. You helped Rory steal a boat! And she went to JAIL. I mean, SHUT UP. Because...BRIDESMAIDS! And, also, YOUR ASSHOLE FAMILY. And...various other REASONS. In any case, Rory is not backing down, and shrugs, saying that she's seen all those guys dance around naked with their underwear on their heads; she's not worrying about embarrassing him in front of them. Logan takes another swig of booze, saying that, well, she did embarrass him. I'm getting an abuser vibe here that makes me uncomfortable, and while I am sure it would thrill a certain portion of the viewing audience if Logan gave Rory a swift one to the teeth, I suspect that's not what the script was actually going for. They argue about his upcoming trip and how unsafe it sounds. Logan says that it's none of Rory's business, anyway, and they get into it again about the incident with his article at the paper. She further dismisses his feelings about how embarrassing that was for him, allowing the whole argument to devolve into what this entire thing is really about: "You haven't forgiven me," Logan says. Rory asks what he's talking about. "For the girls I was with when we were separated," he says. "You said [you did], but you haven't, though. You haven't." And, with that, Logan storms out, saying he'll be at the pub.

Lorelai is walking down the street in front of the diner when she is accosted by Lane. "You're in possession," Lane says, grinning maniacally, "of the wedding dress!" Lorelai says, yeah, she was just starting to dig into it. "Don't dig!" Lane says. "Slice, kill! Maim! Destroy! Sic a mad pack of wolves on it!" She says that Lorelai can even burn it, because she cannot wear that dress. Lorelai says that the dress is a little old-world, but Lane disagrees. "Have you looked at it?" she yells. Lorelai says she's looked at parts of it. "Exactly!" Lane cries. "You can't take it in all at once! The human eyeball is not capable." Lorelai tries to placate her, saying that surely it's not that bad. "It's got pants," Lane says, to Lorelai's horrified gasp. "You didn't look at it very carefully!" Lorelai says that she'll remove the pants, but the hysterical Lane says that's not good enough: "No, don't alter it! Have an accident! Leave a warm iron on it! Spill a vat of acid on it! Run your car over it!" Lorelai again tries to calm her down, saying she hasn't even put it on the mannequin yet, and when she does she'll keep Lane updated every step of the way during the alterations.

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