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The Third Lorelai

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Friday, Sunday, Happy Days. Friday, Friday, Happy Days

We open with Rory, Lorelai, and Emily sitting at the Friday dinner table. Emily says that everyone is quiet this evening. Lorelai apologizes and says she's tired. Rory says she's tired, too. School and work and all. Emily takes a second and then says it's ridiculous that three intelligent women wouldn't have anything to talk about. She says that the Kennedy clan used to have lively discussions every night, quizzing each other about world events. Emily says that someone at the table must have something interesting to say. Lorelai asks if Emily knows that a "butt model" makes ten thousand dollars a day. Rory giggles. Emily moans, "Camelot is truly dead."

Richard walks in with "wonderful news." Emily shouts and asks for a plate for Richard. Richard says he just got off the phone. As he sits down at the head of the table, Emily starts fixing his place setting, calling for his food to come faster. As she starts to put his napkin on his lap, Richard stops her and says he's perfectly capable of taking care of it himself. Emily apologizes and sits down. Richard says he just got off the phone. Lorelai asks if he was talking to God. Richard says he was talking long distance to London. Lorelai asks if God lives in London. Richard says his mother lives in London. Lorelai asks if his mother is God. She then goes on about how happy she is to finally have proof that God is a woman and that she's related to God and it's just as not funny here as it was on television. Sometimes they just give her ramblings that aren't even very amusing and make her sound like she's eight. "I'm gonna totally ask for favors," Lorelai says while eating. "Make her stop," Richard asks Rory. "Oh, that I could," Rory moans. Emily gets the conversation back on track. Oh, man, this show is talky-talky, guys. Here, it's easier to write the teleplay back to you than fill it with descriptions. Richard: "She's fine. She sends her love and she's coming to visit." Emily: "What?" Lorelai: "You're kidding." Emily: "When?" Rory: "I'm gonna get to meet my great-grandma?" Richard: "Lorelai the First." Emily: "When?" Lorelai: "I was named after her." (We know that, Lorelai.) Rory: "I figured." Emily: "Richard, when?" Richard: "You're going to love her. My mother is brilliant. Absolutely brilliant." Lorelai: "We share that also." Emily: "I'm asking a question, here. Does no one hear me? Am I suddenly invisible?" Richard asks what her question was again. Emily asks when again. Richard says a week from today. Richard starts telling Rory how great it's going to be to meet the first Lorelai as Emily excuses herself from the table. Lorelai says that being related to God is going to make scoring Madonna tickets much easier. Everyone gives her the "wah-wah-wah-waaaaaaaah" face as we go to the opening credits.

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Gilmore Girls




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