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Previously on Gilmore Girls: Rory. CuteDean. Jess. Shane. Lane. Dave. We. Know. Let's. Go.

Can I also say it's not fair to put the last shot of the episode in the teaser? It's not like I can't figure out what's going to happen.

Okay, there's a little confusion here. The banner that we open with says: "Join us for the 50th annual Stars Hollow 24hr Dance Marathon." You'll see the confusion in a second. Swing music helps us pan down to Stars Hollow, where those pumpkins have to be getting a little ripe. A sign informs us that the marathon will be from Saturday at 6 AM to Sunday at 6 AM in the new-to-us Stars Hollow High Gymnasium. I guess putting it in the dance studio would have been too easy. As we pan around lovely, homey Stars Hollow, we hear Luke and Lorelai debate whether pale means sickly or not, and whether pale is a sign of Mad Cow Disease. We also see another sign informing us that we can sign up for the dance contest at Doose's Market.

Continuing into Luke's, Lorelai tells Luke that she needs a great dance partner this year: "Someone strong, non-klutzy, with lots of stamina." I really feel gypped that in the three years of this show this is the first dance contest episode. Wouldn't it have been great to have it all three years? Lorelai: "How tall's that guy?" Luke: "Mrs. Coulter's about six-two." Lorelai then complains that she's lost the dance contest four years in a row. She says she came very close to winning last year; she almost had it. "I know the story," Luke says. Lorelai: "It was Hour 23." "I know the story," Luke says. "And I'm dancing with Henry 'Ho-Ho' MacAfee the Third," Lorelai continues. Luke asks the restaurant how many people heard him say he knows the story; everyone raises his hand. Lorelai's going on about how Ho-Ho was fading, so she tried to buck him up, cheering, "Come on, Ho-Ho. Stay with me, Ho-Ho." But all that talk of Ho-Hos made him hungry. "Oh, hey, look!" Luke points out the window. "There's Tommy Tune!" Lorelai continues, saying that Kirk came waltzing by at that moment waving a McDonald's hot apple pie in the air and Ho-Ho was a goner. Now the real question: when did Stars Hollow get a McDonald's? Lorelai says she wants to win and needs a partner. Luke tells her to keep looking. Lorelai gives a smile and a moan to Luke, who turns her head to face out the window once again. He leaves to get her pancakes.

The door opens and it's Taylor. "Breathe in deep, folks! Smells like fall!" Luke immediately answers, "Get out, Taylor." Hee. Taylor actually says, "," which is the closest this show's ever come to really cursing. Taylor asks Luke if he'll set up a coffee stand at the dance marathon. Since everyone's going to be staying up all night and day they'll need coffee to keep them going. Luke agrees to do it...for a buck a cup. Taylor says the marathon is for charity. Luke is pretty testy, and says they've been raising money to restore "that stupid bridge" for eight years. Taylor says they've had the money for the bridge a while ago, and their Tennessee Williams-lookalike contest put them over the edge on that. Now they're raising money to buy a tarp for the bridge. Luke: "This is a first, Taylor. I actually need to sit down." He does so, still holding a plate of someone's food. Taylor explains that they're about to go into the renovations just as winter's starting, and if they don't have something to cover the bridge all their work will get ruined by the upcoming snowstorms. Luke repeats: "Taylor, you are asking me to donate free coffee to hundreds of people so you can raise money to buy a tarp." Yep, that's what he said. Taylor asks for fifty cents a cup. Luke threatens to charge for cream. Taylor: "You would kick Tiny Tim's crutch out from under him, wouldn't you?" Luke: "If he asked for a free cup of coffee, Gimpy's going down." Remember when they had exactly the same argument over the Christmas carolers?

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