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Easter Eggs And Anvils

Floyd and Carol make their entrance, full of friendly cheer and compliments. Richard introduces Floyd to Rory and Lorelai, even though he technically saw them at that function a few months ago. Lorelai says that they met a long time ago. Carol tells Lorelai that she hopes she didn't get so dressed up for the Stiles' benefit. Richard offers everyone drinks. Emily brings in a tray of food. Carol compliments the patio. Emily skips off with Carol to look at trees. Rory, Lorelai, Digger, and Floyd take a seat as Floyd tries to remember when they last saw Lorelai. It was at camp. Floyd remembers the talent show, where Lorelai sang a duet with a pimply-faced fellow. "Craterface Cutler!" Lorelai remembers. Digger says he's a litigator now: "Very bitter man." Floyd tells Lorelai that she was charming. Lorelai sang "Summer Lovin'" with Craterface. Lorelai says that Digger cha-cha'ed. Digger thanks her for bringing that up. Rory thanks her for never sending her to camp. Lorelai says that Digger and his dance partner knocked heads. "Clubfoot Cindy," Digger remembers. "She married Craterface Cutler. Beautiful children." Richard brings out the drinks, save for Rory's soda, so she runs in to get it. Floyd discusses his barbershop quartet back in Yale, in which he was the weakest singer. Floyd says he's got a story he's been dying to tell Richard for some time, about a friend of theirs from school -- Herb Benson. Floyd says he'll tell Richard later. Richard and Floyd carry drinks down to Emily and Carol. Lorelai and Digger smile, watching the parents all get along with each other. Lorelai compares it to a Marx Brothers reunion. Rory enters and tells Emily that Elsa said dinner will be ready in fifteen minutes. Emily asks if Elsa also had Rory do some vacuuming. Floyd and Richard tease Emily about the number of maids she's gone through. Digger tells Lorelai that Digger is in an incredibly good mood tonight, since he's only said two passive-aggressive things so far, which is an astounding record. Digger says he'd like to be the fourteenth person to tell Lorelai she looks great tonight. "It's the shower," says Lorelai. "I gotta try that more often." Digger and Lorelai watch their parents chat.

Carol is showing Emily photos of her grandchildren, who are just taking their first steps. So does that mean Digger's got siblings? Richard and Floyd are looking at another photo of the child, talking about how big he'll be one day. Lorelai shows Digger a picture of him holding his nephew very lovingly. Digger says he'd just told the baby he opened a mutual fund for him. Emily says she has great pictures of Rory and should go get them. Rory says she's right there. "I know, but you're so big now," says Emily. Hee. Rory asks if she may be excused, since she's got a lot of schoolwork to do tonight. Carol thanks Rory for not looking "too" bored all night. Rory says it was fun, and kisses her parents goodnight. Emily asks Lorelai if she has to go, too. Lorelai says that she and Rory came separately. Floyd and Carol compliment Rory. Richard says that this is the time for those who are so inclined to go enjoy a cigar. "All right, let's fire 'em up!" shouts Lorelai. Richard amends his statement, adding that he only meant the men: "But would you like a cigar?" Lorelai says that the guys can go pound their chests, circling the fire. The men leave. Emily says that they should let Elsa clean up so that she can keep her job, and that they should retire to the living room. Emily offers to pour brandy, and the ladies jump from their chairs. Carol says that this evening has been wonderful: "The two of us together again." They link arms as Carol says they shouldn't let anything come between them again, like the horrible business stuff that tore them apart before. Emily says that all of that ugliness is in the past now, so they don't have to worry. "Yes," Carol says guardedly.

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