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Twenty-One Is The Loneliest Number

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Madeleine Albright. In Bed.

The next day, Rory is at the dining table, sampling cakes while Emily "helps" choose the invitations for Rory's birthday party. If this party is next week, how are they going to get these invitations out in time? Anyway, Emily is fondly remembering her own twenty-first birthday party and how she insisted that her invitations had to be trimmed in real pearls. "I could not be convinced that it was at all tacky," she says, "or impractical. I was right, and that was the way it had to be." What a shock. Rory is not really paying attention, and when Emily suggests the lace invitations, she half-heartedly agrees. Emily moves on to the menu selection: "What do you think about sushi? Sushi feels young, doesn't it?" Rory says she certainly hopes so. "You don't want any old sushi hanging around." Emily says that they'll have a bar on the patio, but wonders if Rory would like a special tray-passed drink, like a Sidecar or a Gin Fizz. Rory's head is still not in the game and her grandmother is frustrated. She asks if Rory would just rather she plan the whole thing herself. "Sure," Rory says. "You've got good taste; I trust you completely." ["And that's how my mom planned my whole wedding reception: because, like Rory, I didn't care at all." -- Wing Chun] Emily shrugs and agrees, but says she'll need a little guidance on the guest list. Looking down the list, she wonders if the address for Rory's little "Asian friend" has changed. "Lane," Rory says, a bit forcefully, but not forcefully enough, because Emily just goes and does it again when Rory says that Lane will want to invite her boyfriend. It exhausts me that Rory doesn't smack her grandma down when she says stuff like that. Moving on, Emily asks if she should add Paris to the list, also: "Are you two friends? I never really can tell." Hee. A bit uncomfortably, Emily asks if Lorelai should be added. Rory's face lights up as if she never considered this, and she says yes, Emily should add her mom to the list. That decision made, Rory snaps back to the task at hand, deciding on the chocolate praline crunch cake for her birthday celebration. My own birthday was the day after this episode aired, and I wish I had seen it in time to order that same cake for myself good does that sound?

Lorelai arrives home to find Babette and Morey setting up their Halloween gallows in their adjacent yard. They've added some new light effects, you know, to make everything grosser. Lorelai is impressed with their efforts. She is also wearing a gorgeous coat that I would like to own. What? Did you not just read that it's my birthday? Lorelai goes into her house to find Luke cooking dinner. He has just discovered that Paul Anka is scared of peas. Lorelai adds them to the list on the refrigerator, asking what Luke's making that smells so good. "Fried chicken," Luke says, causing her eyes to roll back and forcing her to spontaneously propose to him all over again. She tells him she has a whole new idea for Halloween. He seems slightly disappointed, asking if she's not going to hang her caramel apples again. She says that's not scary enough, and that she's decided to do something totally different and will need his help. Without asking what, he agrees. Unfortunately, she wants to do a skit where she plays a crazy mad scientist where she turns the whole front yard into her laboratory. "So, I come out and I do mad-scientist banter," she says, "like, Hhey, who here's from Bellevue?' and 'Girl, Interrupted, that sounds like my idea of a feel-good movie.'" Luke blinks in silence, and Lorelai says she'll work on the banter. That's not even the best part, though. The best part is when she brings Luke out, puts him in the electric chair, electrocutes him, and then throws him on the operating table and pulls sausages out of him that will look like intestines. Luke has a couple of logistical questions, like...all of it. How's Lorelai going to get him on the table? How's she going to cut him open? And what are the odds of her convincing him to do it in the first place? "Because," Luke finishes, "I'm thinking they're right up there with Pia Zadora making a big comeback." Aw. Pia Zadora is always getting the shaft. Lorelai is amazed that Luke doesn't want to participate in her big Halloween Distract-Me-From-My-Sadness Plan, and says that this conversation is not over. Lorelai grabs a head of broccoli, apparently the only vegetable Paul Anka endorses, and goes looking for her dog.

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