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Twenty-One Is The Loneliest Number

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Madeleine Albright. In Bed.

The next day, Rory is returning to the pool house in her jaunty little Hartford Zoo community-service suitie. She finds the pool house full of junk, and goes to the big house to ask her grandmother what the deal is. Emily is busy firing people left and right for putting vases or whatever in the wrong place in preparation for the birthday party, but stops long enough to tell Rory that she had to store a bunch of rental stuff in the pool house, and has moved Rory upstairs into her old room, next to Richard and Emily's. "We can knock secret code messages to each other at night," she says, "like we're in camp." The only things this woman can do directly are 1) denigrate and punish her daughter; and 2) abuse people she's hired. Instead of demanding a real explanation for the pool house embargo, Rory checks the list and sees that her mother has not RSVPed one way or the other for the party. She goes on a rant about it. Emily is surprised at Rory's rage, and says that maybe Lorelai is still coming. "But how do we know?" Rory asks, all mad. "If she doesn't call, how will we know whether or not to make an extra chocolate box?" Emily assures her that they can make an extra chocolate box, but Rory says no: they're paying for these things and chocolate boxes don't grow on trees. First of all, Rory, you are paying for nothing. Secondly, you're making nothing. Third, shut up.

Lorelai is at the diner, loading her chocolate chip pancakes down with whipped cream, when the phone rings. Luke answers, and it's Rory. Lorelai wigs. Lauren Graham is so amazing, really. Her face when she hears it's Rory on the phone is alternately filled with joy and trepidation. Rory doesn't ask Luke to hand the phone off, so he plays middleman while Rory yells at him about the chocolate boxes and needing to know if Lorelai's coming so that they can make her one. Lorelai says she didn't know she was invited, and Rory hears it through the phone and gets furious. "I sent her an invitation," she yells. "Where the hell'd she think it came from? The invitation fairy?" Lorelai is amazed by all this -- she didn't know the invitation was from Rory. She shouts so that Rory can hear her that she is coming and wants a chocolate box. Luke hangs up. "Rory called," Lorelai says, still in shock. Luke says yeah, he noticed, because Rory was yelling at him. "No," Lorelai says, smiling, "she called and yelled at me." Luke says, though, that he's the one who had to hear it. "She was mad and she yelled and she said 'hell,'" he says. Lorelai continues to grin: "Yeah, but she called."

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