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Twenty-One Is The Loneliest Number

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Madeleine Albright. In Bed.

It's 4:03 AM -- the morning of Rory's birthday. We see Rory and Lorelai in their respective beds, both awake, thinking of each other.

Inexplicably, we then cut to that evening. Emily is on her usual pre-event rampage, dressed to the nines, mouthing off to the help about the sushi ("disgusting food") and early-arriving guests ("Why not just show up the night before with a sleeping bag?"). As she eviscerates a maid over not answering the doorbell on time, Rory comes downstairs. "That dress is to die for," Emily tells her. "Well," Rory answers, "it's the one you laid out on the bed, so I assumed I was supposed to put it on." Rory learns that her grandmother has had the bartender concoct a signature drink for the occasion. It's called a "Rory," and contains champagne, vodka, pineapple juice, and grenadine. Y'all. If Pamie, AB Chao, and I were trapped overnight in a liquor store, that is exactly the disgusting mixture of substances we would invent. It's hot pink, too. Of course it is. And the glass is rimmed with sugar. (If AB invited it, it would be rimmed with cigarette ashes; that's the only difference.) Logan cruises up to say hello and is met with the frostiest reception imaginable from Emily, who leaves immediately to go check on the cake. He wonders what's up, and Rory mentions that it's probably because Emily found out Rory and Logan are having sex. His eyebrows shoot off as he asks how she found out. "I told her minister," Rory shrugs. Logan wants to know why Rory would do that. "Because," she says, "he was going on and on about how my virtue was a gift, and now you have it, so I'm gonna have to buy the next guy a sweater." Heee! SO cute, but Rory...we know you owe that sweater to Logan, anyway, since your virtue was unfortunately doled out to NotCuteAndAlsoMarriedDean. (I'm still mad about that, by the way.) Logan needs a drink. "Come on," she says, "let's get you a 'Rory.'" He sighs, saying that the Gilmores are stressing him out. She drops the stress bomb on him now, telling him about her recent eviction from the pool house: "From now on, we'll have to have sex in our invisible suits."

While Logan is processing this, Lane arrives with pfTL. Rory introduces Lane as her "best friend," and Lane sizes up Logan with an appreciative nod. pfTL and Logan awkwardly shake hands as they all receive their Rory drinks. Lane is excited. "Wait until you see the bathroom," Rory tells her, embarrassed. "The guest soap has my face on it."

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