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Madeleine Albright. In Bed.

Lorelai and Luke walk up to the house, Luke saying that this might be his least favorite door in the world to knock on. "What about Death's door?" Lorelai asks. He says that the reception on the other side of that door might be warmer. Good one, Luke. He's quite right. When Emily sees them, Rories in hand, she frosts over, saying that because she didn't know Luke was coming, he'll have to share a chocolate box with Lorelai. "Fat chance," Lorelai says, mumbling to Luke, "Mom orders really good chocolate." Emily notices that Luke doesn't appear to like his drink, and when he jokes about its being awfully pink, tells him that no one is asking him to wear it: "It's not a skirt." Hilarious. Listen, somebody, speaking of Luke wearing things -- I know I said I like woodsy Luke better than dressed-up Luke, and that is true. But, if you're going to MAKE him wear a suit, have him shave. I mean, one or the other. Unshaven, suited Luke is leaning back in a direction we don't want to go, and that direction involves Firebird T-tops. Luke cringes when he is forced to take a sip of the Rory drink, saying that it tastes like a My Little Pony.

Paris and Doyle arrive a little late. They stopped and ate first, Paris says, "in case the food here sucked." Paris, by the way, looks like she's wearing a negligee. They have big news, they say. Since Doyle is a senior, his tenure as editor of the Yale paper will be over at the end of the year. So, guess what? Paris is going to be the new editor of the paper. That's the big news. "I mean, it's so incredible," she says to the slightly-crestfallen Rory. "Last year I was sleeping with the editor..." she pauses, smiling, and Doyle jumps in: "And this year, I am!" They go on and on about the great changes Paris will make at the paper, as Rory catches sight of Lorelai. By the way, Lorelai's dress is amazing. She comes over, uncomfortable though the situation clearly is, and puts on her most fun face for Rory. She gives her the "hey, birthday girl!" cheer, and Rory smiles back before Paris and Doyle interrupt and announce the big news, once again, with the little prepared skit about who's sleeping with the editor. Lorelai congratulates Paris, but sees the sad look on Rory's face. Rory can't take it and excuses herself, walking away from Lorelai and the rest of the group.

Back from commercial, Lorelai is raging to Luke that one shouldn't be allowed to put just anything into a martini glass, like the "Rory," for instance. She's sad -- drinking real martinis was part of the original birthday plan. "It's the sweet drinks that really kill you," she says. "It's the sugar that gives you the hangover and makes you throw up." Luke: "Yeah, because no one's ever thrown up from a martini before." They are interrupted by two of the DAR biddies, who come giggling over and introduce themselves. Lorelai hams that she didn't realize Rory was running with the bad crowd. Luke steps in it when he asks what the DAR is, but they think he's kidding and giggle louder. Making his escape to go and get a beer, Luke runs into Rory. They chat a bit, and Rory says she's glad Luke and Lorelai came to the party. He takes this moment to give her a present he's carrying in his pocket (not like that!). They don't show it to us, but it's apparently a pearl necklace that belonged to Luke's mother. Rory is sweetly surprised and touched. "You're lucky," he says, "because next month is Cesar's birthday, and I know he likes pearls..." Hee. Some DAR busybody comes over and sees the necklace, and pronounces it "exquisite." Rory introduces Luke as her stepfather-to-be, and he smiles, before again asking, "What's the DAR?" Busybody giggling erupts yet again. "I'm killing with that line tonight," Luke says.

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