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Twenty-One Is The Loneliest Number

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Madeleine Albright. In Bed.

On the patio, Emily finds Lorelai and asks where Luke has gotten to. Lorelai cracks that she's sure he's off sizing up all the silver in the house, seeing how much he can stuff into his pockets without making a bulge. Why are they so insistent on making us think about Luke's bulging sausage in this episode? Emily coolly responds that she was in no way sniping at Luke, she was just making small talk: "It's what people do at parties." Lorelai makes an attempt, herself, at small talk, but stalls when she sees that Emily has become distracted by Lorelai's engagement ring. "Well," Emily says, cold as ice, "it seems congratulations are in order." Lorelai says that wasn't exactly "congratulations," but whatever. ["And furthermore, Emily of all people in the world, real or fictional, should know that 'congratulations' are for the groom; 'best wishes' is what you're supposed to say to the bride. Unless that was a deliberate, extremely subtle dis from Emily, which is always possible." -- Wing Chun] Emily and Lorelai are interrupted by the caterer, who is ready to cut the cake. Emily is angered afresh by the absence of Richard who, she says, is apparently going to sulk all night in his office and miss his granddaughter's birthday party. She goes off to arrange for the cake cutting, and Lorelai sneaks away to find her father.

Richard is in his office, indeed, drinking in front of the fireplace. Lorelai comes in, joking around, and Richard tells her to go away. He wants to be left alone with his moping -- he is blaming himself for Rory's leaving Yale and messing up her life. Lorelai -- very generously, I think -- says that leaving Yale was Rory's choice. Richard says he could have stopped her, though, and now she's ruining everything and even having sex. He pronounces this like it is the biggest issue out of the whole debacle. "I paid forty thousand dollars to redecorate her sex house," he says. "I bought her her sex mattress, her sex boxsprings. I provided everything she needs to waste her life." Poor, poor Richard. I feel for him, a little, and so does Lorelai. She assures him that Rory was having sex "way before the big renovation." Richard snarks that he feels so much better, now. He's clearly very upset, and says that he's made a terrible, terrible mistake. Lorelai continues to take the high road -- this would be her perfect opportunity to really lay the hammer down on him for betraying her when she asked for his support to make sure Rory went back to school...

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