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The "previously" section of this episode is almost the entire last episode.

The only update I have on the wedding is that yesterday someone RSVPed a "Yes" without a name or return address. This sent me searching the internet for zip codes near the zip code stamped on the postmark, to no avail. The zip code is for a sorting station. I'm looking forward to our mystery guest, and hope that said mystery guest isn't actually a family of three.

Dragonfly kitchen. Sookie and Lorelai are trying to figure out how to find hookers to bring in more businessmen without inviting Bill Maher. Lorelai asks Jackson for advice. Jackson -- who is sick and tired of being the Town Selectman -- tells Lorelai to make one of her own damn decisions for a change. He gets a cell-phone call and fields a complaint from a woman whose granddaughter got injured on a playground bouncy piggy and/or ducky. Sookie changes Jackson's tomato-stained shirt during the monologue of quirk. Dean and Lorelai make eye contact, and Dean runs away before Lorelai can ask him to do her any kind of favor. Lorelai then lies to Jackson, telling him to sign a purchase order, which he quickly deduces is that same parking permit form. He gives an "Et tu, former friend?" and leaves. Sookie grabs the form so she can forge Jackson's signature. I just accidentally slammed my hand into a cactus trying to shut my kitchen window. It really hurt. Newsflash: cacti are painful when punched.

Man, there's nothing creepier than an ad for The Polar Express.

Rory and Richard make good on their promise to have lunch at Rory's dorm's cafeteria. Richard is mid-story about a man named Dickie (tee hee), so it's hard (heh) for me to hear through my incessant giggles. The entire story exists for Richard to excuse himself from this Friday's dinner, since he'll be in Chicago with Dickie. Richard begins to complain that he doesn't like to travel as much, but stops himself when he realizes he's doing the babble of the lonely, something I, myself have been doing this week, as I spent much of the past two weeks by myself, alone in this house. In fact, the past two recaps were the most communication I've had with other people, since Stee was out of town and I'm working under a couple of pretty intense deadlines. Rory promises that she's not sick of hearing Richard babble about this and that, and says she's having fun. Their conversation turns to books. Rory is into P.G. Wodehouse, but she hasn't learned how to pronounce it yet. That's okay, Rory. I still haven't figured out which one of the millions I'm supposed to read so that I love it, yet. I apparently picked the wrong one. This also explains all the mentions of "Jeeves" lately. Also, I figure I should add here a sample of the weekly email I get from my friend Allison, always on Wednesday mornings:

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