Gilmore Girls
Wedding Bell Blues

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Wedding Bell Blues

Oh, no he di'in'. Except yes, he did. He goes on, ranting about how he and Lorelai are meant to be together, as everyone knows. "Emily knows it!" Luke pulls a "Wha?" face, as Christopher continues going on and on about how he knows he made a mistake and how Lorelai needs to be with him. It's not too late! Even Emily told him it wasn't too late! Lorelai is trying to get a word in, insisting she doesn't know what this drunk fool is talking about, and Luke excuses himself from the drama. She follows, and gives Christopher a beautiful brush-off, finally yelling him down, viciously.

Cousin Marilyn sideswipes Lorelai on her way out, dragging her over to get the picture made. "You cannot keep a room full of Anglo-Saxons waiting for cake this long -- they start to form more clubs."

The family gathers in front of the cake, its two youngest members looking uncomfortable for their own reasons, and in a beautiful ten-second scene that I hope wins ten Emmys, right as the flashbulbs pop, Lorelai leans in to Emily's ear, hissing, "You and me. We're done."

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