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Anyway, Lorelai stomps out of that meeting only to receive a call from Emily, who says that Goodwill is coming to get the doll house at noon the next day, and that if Lorelai can't pick it up, it will be gone forever. Hateful. Lorelai is really upset. I guess she hasn't noticed that Emily is acting about the doll house just like Lorelai acted about the street name, but honestly, I am siding with Lorelai on all of this, because the world is just being stupid, and she's just trying to live. She gets more upset, and says that she knows the doll house means a lot to Emily, too, and that she can't believe she's acting like this, but: "Fine. Give it away. Light it on fire. I don't care." She hangs up on her mother, and I applaud.

At the pool house, Rory is alarmed to see Logan trying to climb through her kitchen window to avoid being seen by The Grandparents. She tells him she talked to them, and that Richard was not trying to pressure them, and is not interested in their relationship being serious. "I double, super-swear on my Birkin Bag," she says, for added emphasis. Logan is relieved. "This cloak-and-dagger stuff is getting a little tricky," he says. "Especially if you don't own a dagger, or you look funny in a cloak." Look, don't try to make me like Logan, okay? With the cute lines? Rory says she's sure he'd look great in a cloak, and asks if he feels cool about everything now. He says he does. "Good," she says, adding, "Logan...I love you." Aw, MAN. RORY. GAH. STOP. Siiiiigh. Actually, it's kind of sweet, if COMPLETELY MISGUIDED, and Logan is slightly taken aback. "Wow," he says, "the lady who sold that purse to me said this was going to happen." Rory laughs and apologizes for springing it on him, saying that she just wanted to say it, and doesn't expect him to say anything back. "Look," he says, "I've told a lot of girls I love them, before, and I didn't mean, I'm not going to do that to you." Rory looks crestfallen, and rightly so, because what an ASS he is. Is this some rite of passage for young women? Because I dimly recall hearing this myself once...and thinking to myself that I had just made a huge tactical error. Logan realizes his buttholery, and says that didn't exactly come out right. She laughs, saying he need say no more, and so he doesn't. He kisses her, instead.

Luke and Lorelai are at her house, going through all the Emily stuff. She's sending most of it to the Salvation Army. Luke finds an antique mixer, attached to which is a card from Aunt Celeste that shows it was given to Emily and Richard on their wedding day. Getting up to go answer the doorbell which has just rung, Lorelai says, "Thank you, Aunt Celeste. Love, the Salvation Army." Surprisingly, it's Richard at the door. He has Lorelai's doll house. She's grateful and says, yes, she does want it. "And," he adds, FINALLY giving us the episode payoff, "we need to talk about Rory."

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