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Luke shows up and asks what Lorelai's doing there, instead of at the Inn. She's waiting for Michel and Sookie to come by so that they can all go together to see what street name the Inn got. She asks if Luke wants to go with them to see what name he got. "I'll wait to read about it in The Good News Daily," he replies. She apologizes for asking, saying she knows it's another dumb Taylor Thing, and that Luke may now lower his blood pressure. Luke says, no, he's not even upset about it: "It's taken me a ridiculous amount of years, but when it comes to all things Taylor, I've adopted a Zen attitude." Lorelai is really surprised. She runs down a list of dumb Taylor things: what if he wants to paint the diner pink for Easter? "Let the building be pink," Luke says. Lorelai wonders what will happen if Taylor tries to make them all dress up as trees again for Arbor Day. "Wrap me in bark, fill me with sap and tell me where to stand," Luke shrugs. She brings out the big guns: what if Taylor wants to Photoshop a picture of himself and Luke together, arm in arm, and put it on a billboard over town? "You're sitting on his lap," she says, ramping up the horror, "holding a baby rattle!" Luke says he will keep his Zen. "I'm gonna miss Nuclear Luke," Lorelai pouts, as Sookie and Michel come in. They announce that they just ran into Esther Wilkins, who found out her street will now be called Constabulary Road, and they are all very excited about what name they might get. Well, Michel's not excited, naturally. He asks Luke if he has coffee. "You mean," Luke asks, "here at my coffee shop? Yeah." Michel: "Give eet." Sookie and Michel start their typical bickering as Luke goes to get the coffee, and Lorelai goes back to her paper, where she is confronted with a half-page picture on the society page of Rory at the DAR event.

Richard, at breakfast with Emily, happens to be looking at the same picture. Emily is harping about the grapefruit being too sweet, and suspects Consuela of adding sugar to it. I thought they fired Consuela. Richard is not listening, so wrapped up in the paper, while Emily goes on and on, pointlessly. She goes to the intercom to call Rory to breakfast. It looks like Rory slept in a pair of jeans, for some reason. I can't tell. Anyway, Rory complains that the intercom in her room is too loud, and cannot be turned down. I think the problem is that Grandma only SPEAKS at one volume. Emily says she's been looking, but that the company that made the machine went out of business in 1973. After signing off with Rory, she looks over Richard's shoulder to see him staring at the picture of Rory. "Isn't that a pretty picture?" she says. "That outfit matches her face." Huh? The outfit matches her face? Even Emily seems confused by what she was saying. Because...try that line on somebody. Hey, that jacket looks awesome with your head. Your suit really compliments your nose. Things don't match your face. What is that? ["Rory has a period look?" -- Wing Chun] Emily sits down and asks Richard's opinion on the Rory/Logan situation. She hopes that they are still together, and is worried about Rory. Not worried enough to keep from throwing in several more references to Consuela and her alleged sugar obsession, which she keeps flogging like a champ, though the whole scene is painful and awkwardly written and seems thrown together. It feels like they're acting on stage and Kelly Bishop keeps circling around to the sugar cue, trying to get Edward Herman back on book. It's weird, and not funny. Looking over some insurance papers that came by delivery, Richard is forced to tell Emily about the fire at the Dragonfly Inn. She is shocked; she asks if Lorelai is okay, almost as if she cares, and wants to know every detail of Richard's meeting with her. She asks how Lorelai looked, and Richard says she looked fine. She rolls her eyes. "Was she thin? Heavy? Did she look tired? What was she wearing? Was she still in that netherworld of 'I don't know what my hair is supposed to be'?" HA! Does Emily read the GG forums? Richard says Lorelai looked just like Lorelai, and that it was a very brief conversation: "Unlike the one you and I are having." Emily gets stompy and says Richard should have told her, and by the way, again, the grapefruit tastes sugared.

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